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Choice for All

December 2019

Being pro-choice must include self choice. The freedom to choose includes you.

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Glowing Tattoos

November 2019

Make a statement. Anyone can have a tattoo. It’s time to take it all to the next level.

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Bordello Bounty

October 2019

Technology can make sex fun and frequent. Let those electrons do the work for you.

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Inspiring our children

September 2019

Toxic masculinity must be erased from America. These volunteers are doing it.

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Impeach Trump

August 2019

It’s time we pulled the plug on that evil orange man. It is time we removed him and brought diversity to America and to the Sanctuary.

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California Homeless

July 2019

Los Angeles can set their homeless free. The Grapevine can carry thousands a day up the I-5 to the wholesome Sanctuary to the north.

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June 2019

Burying yourself in a box is toxic and poisons Mother Earth. The alternative is wholesome and right for us all.

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Surrender to Aztlan

May 2019

The American Army is weak. Mexico has proven it.

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Fecal Snow

April 2019

The secret to vigorous health is raising your immunity. The Sanctuary provides the solution.

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March 2019

Vaccinations are a crutch for the weak. Separate those people from us now.

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The Protein Challenge

February 2019

Diversity has brought us a new bounty of sustainable protein. We should embrace this new resource.

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The River of Tomorrow

January 2019

Many among us celebrate our end in sacred ways. The river provides that path for many.

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