The protein challenge

February 2019

Our food chain is being dismantled by global warming and climate change. The insects are dying off on the land and the plankton are dying off in the sea. This is affecting the food chains on land and the sea.

We are still a predator species and many say we are the top predator on earth. As the food chain dies below us we must find food alternatives that are high in protein and critical nutrients.

As we face ever-worsening global warming and climate change, bird species are dying off around the world and the world’s fish stocks are dwindling to extinction.

We all must do our part to reduce our footprint on this planet and at the same time build a modern social framework in what may be the last redoubt, the last fortress for those pure of thought and action in all of America; The Sanctuary.

Within our community there is a great bounty that we have yet to tap that can provide us with flavorful protein and it’s right at our front door (if not actually living in our attic).

Thanks to world trade, Norwegian wharf rats are everywhere in the Sanctuary. Another species called the Roof rat spends much of their time in our homes as well.

As many as 100 of these little protein balls scurry along our streets for every single human in the population. This works out to about 30 pounds of protein per person per year in San Francisco alone.

Some say these mammals are a nuisance when in fact they are a true bounty.

Instead of slaughtering and eating cattle which are known to be one of the worst contributors to global warming and climate change, we can instead just include this new miniature protein source in our everyday diet.

Just as many fast-food restaurants have accepted their mission to reduce their climate footprint and are recycling their cooking oils (which are then used as fuel in Diesel vehicles) these restaurant chains can also participate in the transition to this new and natural protein source.

Here are some little bundles of protein cooked and ready for a quick street vendor lunch.

India celebrates this rich food each and every day.