A bordello bounty

October 2019

The Sanctuary is Life. The Sanctuary is Freedom. The Sanctuary is Diversity itself.

During the golden age of bordellos, which would have been from 1890 through 1930, men and women alike could participate and enjoy their every desire. The depression, the Second World War, and the economic hardships thereafter, put an end to their glory days.

Others were more generous in their “interactions” and preferred a more public venue.

Some in Paris enjoyed what was called the partouzé, or partouzer, which was an orgy. Hundreds of people would gather, naked, and do everything they could think of. École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, the premier art school in Paris held the largest of these orgies and it coursed up and down the streets as well in the large halls.

Google Images has it all when it comes to how we all should live.

San Francisco celebrates something similar, but far more crudely and only once a year on Folsom Street. A quick Google Images search for FOLSOM STREET FISTING should show you what Google thinks is important to share with the world about this venue.

Bordellos were once the rage. This was especially true in Paris. Paris was the thrusting, the pulsating city of pleasure. Paris had more than 200 legal and registered brothels with about 20 of them listed as “Deluxe Houses.” The most luxurious and diverse of them was at 12 Rue Chabanais. Even through the First and Second World Wars, the business flourished. Just imagine the fun NAZI officers must have had in their uniforms with black leather boots and whips.

Le Chabanais was just down the street from the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens and the Bibliotheque Nationale. It was thus available to Prime Ministers and even visiting kings. The facility offered 50 different rooms and each featured a different theme. Not only did they have an “Arabian Nights” room and a “Venetian Room” but they even a “Pirate Chamber” with port holes and workers would toss buckets of water against the windows to simulate the sea.

The place cost more than $10 million to build. Guests were required to be utterly discrete. It would be gauche to wave cash around. Instead of cash, the medium of exchange was a jetons, or token. Think of rectangular casino Plaques tossed on the Roulette table in a James Bond movie. The average fee for one evening’s “experience” was the equivalent of $1,000. Today’s less than optimum call girls in Las Vegas charge between $500 and $1,500 for just one hour. Le Chabanais was a bargain.

Le Chabanais “Arabian Nights.”
Le Chabanais “Hindu Room.”

A need is recognized

Today, nothing like Le Chabanais exists anywhere on earth. That will soon change. The Sanctuary will not only use Le Chabanais as its muse, but will offer the newest services enhanced with high technology and panache.

Yes, thanks to technology, robots are the future. Here in the Sanctuary, the robots are the rule.

The technologists at Google and Apple are destined to provide life-like conversation and voice. The subtle movements of the body, the sigh, the quiver, will all be there to enjoy.

With more than 50 separate Rooms of Pleasure available in our facility, the mind boggles at the diversity.

This spacious and imaginative facility is a private club. There are private lockers for the costumes to be worn by the guest and by their associate / service provider. The actual Object of Affection is purchased by the guest as part of his initial membership fee. The Objects are $10,000 each – which is far lower in cost than a divorce or the constant maintenance fee for a mistress. The monthly membership is $500 and there is an additional $500 fee for each encounter.

Buying American is your patriotic duty.

The Entry Space

Entering the space, one is greeted and directed to an “acclimating room” where the guest can imbibe in their favorite liquid or other intoxicant. Then, the guest is ushered to the very special, and custom, “sexual experience” they requested.

The Train

One such experience is an incredible journey that stimulates all the senses. The guest is a passenger on a luxurious railroad train and seated in the public meeting car. The guest feels the thump of the rails and through the windows they sees the world passing by. The guest has a polite conversation with one of the staff who is playing the part of another passenger. Another of the staff is at the bar and serving drinks.

The afternoon sun falls to the horizon and the car is bathed in an evening glow.

The click clack of the rails, the gentle sway of the railroad car, the sound of rail crossing bells as they change in frequency and amplitude as we pass by, the faint smell of diesel, all of these contribute to the fantasy.

The guest can even be attired as a Priest. At that special moment when the house’s AI system concludes the guest is at their emotional optimum, they are then escorted to their private, and sound proof, compartment.

The guest opens the compartment door and there, lying on the expansive bed, is a high school girl in her uniform. She can even be a cheer leader.

The guest then pursues their most imaginative desires.

Dusk turns to night and pleasures are experienced as never before.

The bed will be folded down for you and ready for an evening of pleasures. The passing view from the window is of anywhere on earth you so desire.

The more deluxe compartment surprises the guest with the smell of wood polish, leather and the firmness of the bed.

The same experience can be had but themed differently. The guest can be a secret agent and the train is the Orient Express. The interlude can be with a young girl – even a frightened French Refugee.

The Plane

Another experienced offered is on Emirates Airlines. Their aircraft provide staterooms on some flights. A flight with stateroom from New York to Dubai costs about $19,131 per person. In this experience, the guest is ushered into the A380’s bar and there, they can have a deep conversation with one of the staff playing the role of a fellow passenger. At the right moment, the guest is ushered to their compartment. The mind swirls at the options and opportunities. The rumble of the engines, the slight turbulence, the view from the windows, all are quite real.

The lounge is spacious and delightful.
Three windows and the view can be of any place on earth.

The Church

For those of a more rigid mindset, there is the church and its altar. There is a confessional. The guest can be the priest or the confessor. A member of the staff can portray either as the customer desires. There can be a nun. The scent of Catholic PONTIFICAL brand incense hangs in the air. There is the display of a hundred lighted devotional candles. Of course, there is the alternative to the nun — the Catholic School Girl in her uniform.


The Diner

There even is a 1950s Diner with the kitchen and the young waitress in her seafoam green uniform with pink hanky in the pocket. The guest is entertained in the café and then there is a message for the guest to visit the kitchen.


There can be a real cook preparing food. One of the more interesting pleasures has been the cooking of a delicious omelet which is then placed on the genitals of the guest.

The Cell

Certainly, we will have the jail cell with the unrepentant hooker. The guest can be a priest, or a jail guard. The clanging of jail doors and the distant footsteps of other guards and the laughing of other incarcerated prostitutes all add to the charm.


The Girls

The girls are all perfect. You can purchase a standard unit or order a custom unit meeting your secret desires. They all weigh about 125 pounds and are anatomically correct. There are other sources of these marvelous inspirations but “buying American” is the patriotic thing to do.

The frightened French refugee is seeking solace.
The waitress is cheap but sexy when not at work.
The jail house hooker is all business.