Surrender to Atzlan

May 2019

On April 13, 2019, Gringo America surrendered to AZTLAN.

On that day, American soldiers surrendered their weapons to the Army of Mexico.

Mexico’s troops crossed the artificial border of the Gringo and occupied lands that America had stolen from them more than 100 years ago. The Mexican troops then confronted the American soldiers on that land.

The Americans knew they were on land that was once Mexico’s and immediately surrendered.

The location was Clint, Texas, and U.S. Army troops were approached north of the false U.S. border by these well-armed Mexican troops. The Mexican troops disarmed the Americans and tossed their Gringo-weapons into a car. These Gringos were not 2nd rate American “national guard” troops but real U.S. Army troops of America’s NORTHCOM.

The Mexican Army troops were armed with their new and very deadly Xiuhcoatl rifle.

Xiuhcoatl is the name for a mythological serpent in the native religion of the Aztecs. The FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifle is only used by Mexico’s elite Special Forces and also by Mexico’s airborne troops.

Thus, Mexico is retaking their lands using elite troops dedicated to that victory!

As the Sanctuary Zone is filled with Undocumented Citizens from the South we can only hope that the power of the Brown Continent can build and build and build and that we can invite the special forces of our neighbor to the South to proudly march on our sun-washed boulevards in the Sanctuary.