Glowing tattoos

November 2019

As a resident of California’s Sanctuary Zone, you should stand with pride.

One simple way to do this is to add a diverse tattoo to your neck or arm that features a map of the nine counties of the Sanctuary Zone. This is especially true if that tattoo can incorporate the Zone’s rainbow colors.

A simple tattoo is one thing, and certainly nothing special. Here in the Sanctuary we are special.


This interesting and very life-like tattoo could be ever so much more realistic if it glowed.

It is a simple matter to create an add-mixture of tattoo ink and various colors of Strontium Aluminate powder. The addition of Strontium Aluminate makes the tattoo glow.

This is especially advantageous for Afro-Americans where most tattoo ink colors don’t stand out from their naturally darker skin tones.

By using tattoo inks containing Strontium Aluminate the tattoos are brilliant in even a darkened room. The tattoos all glow brighter than most watch dials.

On a clear dark night, such a tattoo can even be seen from five miles away.

Of course, as with anything, there are concerns.

The Strontium Aluminum powders are noted as safe and harmless but there is always some chance of a bad reaction.

No warranty is implied with this suggestion. No testing has been done on these mixtures when implanted beneath the skin.

Several companies offer these compounds and they can be shipped directly to your door.