The Nine Counties of the California Sanctuary Zone


At the heart of California are nine counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sacramento, and San Joaquin. Those nine counties are five thousand square miles of verdant grapes, luxurious almond trees and marvelous loving people.

There, people from more than one hundred different lands all live in harmony. There, over a hundred different languages are spoken. There, over a hundred different cultures vibrate with life and vigor.

There, we can be safe.

Our plan is simple. Let the “Red States” hate. Let the racist hateful “Red States” do their worst.

We have a plan.

We will bring Our People here. We will bring them all to this singular bastion of hope. These nine counties in the heart of California can be a true Sanctuary for all.

No one can stop us.

The political and economic power of those nine counties makes them the most dangerous threat to Trump and to all racists in all of world history.

Those nine counties represent Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Apple. Those nine counties represent companies that generate more than half of all the money seen on the Internet! Those nine counties control what Google says, what YouTube says, what Facebook says, and even what is available from Apple!

What we see in the news is controlled by the people in those nine counties. What is said on Facebook is controlled by the people in those nine counties.

When we control these nine counties, we will control America!


The heart of Alameda County is Oakland, and Oakland is love.

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Contra Costa

Contra Costa puts the “bedroom” into “bedroom community” with their 1,000-person hospital for sex-change operations.

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We will take it over and toss the White Democrats out and build our stronghold, from which we can run the Sanctuary, then the entire state, then the country, and eventually the world.

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San Francisco

Anything goes in San Francisco and usually does. We will bring the Folsom Street experience to everyone.

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San Joaquin

San Joaquin County is home to Stockton, home of the guaranteed basic income … an idea whose time has finally come.

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San Mateo

A beautiful area with beautiful camp sites for beautiful people. Come join us!

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Santa Clara

This is the place where the H1B visa peeps make their money and all of our brown peeps should take their jobs and be RICH!

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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County leads the way promoting the 2SLGBTQIA+ lifestyle, and offers some great opportunities for the farmers among us. More laid back than San Francisco, with just as many options.

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For those who prefer not to travel by bus, the huge Air Force base here offers tremendous options for travelers worldwide, including the 40,000 illegals now in racist ICE holding cells. Solano County needs activists to free our institutionalized brothers and sisters so they can be FREE with us.

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