UC Berkeley


As the California Sanctuary Zone becomes a political power across the land it will need a university to educate its new and up and coming leaders. There is no finer university in California, or in the world, than the University of California at Berkeley to play that role. From 2SLGBTQIA+ to nuclear weapons, UC Berkeley is the place.

The university is one of great intellect and the professors share their minds with their students. Here is one great professor helping his charges understand their place in the world and their future.

The student body is aware of their role in bringing diversity to America and the world.


If you have the diversity to get in, your chances of graduating with a four-year degree are better than 90%. With Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies one of the most popular degrees, graduates can look forward to a rich and rewarding future.

Of course, most Afro-American students are brought in to the California University system on racial preferences. This is as it should be. The problem is that only a degree from UC Berkeley or UCLA is deemed to be sufficient for them to succeed in life. This certainly means that all the other University of California campuses should be closed because they do not offer the promise of a future. All should go to UC Berkeley.

There is a troubling reality in these campuses, however. The reality is that Afro-Americans one singular call for help at UC Berkeley and other UC campuses is for mental health counseling. It seems that they are not selected by their peers for study groups or other group activities and feel shunned.

The other reality is that rape is endemic on these campuses. The schools all admit that one-fifth to one-quarter of all college girls will be raped or be the targets of attempted rape by the end of their college tenure. To appreciate how astounding and dangerous these campuses are, we must understand that even one of the most violent cities in America, Detroit, only has a crime rate of about one percent. Thus, places like UC Berkeley are twenty times more dangerous than Detroit.

The solution to this is certainly not more campus police. The pigs will simply shoot the Afro-American males as they did Michael Brown.

The solution is, first, to disarm the police and then to fully arm all the Afro-Americans on campus and allow them to defend themselves from these assaults and rapes.

The university has about 40,000 students. It also has more than four billion dollars in the bank that can be invested in the students and in the areas surrounding the campus. It is time that those four billion dollars were given back to the community in the form of free tuition to all and for housing for the homeless and the disadvantaged. Oakland is but ten miles distant and it is time that the disadvantaged from that community be welcomed to the university and in fact, given preferential acceptance at the university.

It is time that universities across the land bring the African-American into their campuses and classrooms and they are made equal to all.

It is time the entire youthful population of Oakland is brought onto the UC Berkeley campus and allowed to teach their classmates the true meaning of America’s vile history.

The UC Berkeley campus has more than 1,000 acres of land that can be given to undocumented citizens and to the homeless — all as common land — all a refuge from the myriad forms of white racism surrounding them.

The 2SLGBTQIA+ community is well represented with possibly 70% of the student body celebrating that lifestyle.