Inspiring our children

September 2019

The vile masculinity of Donald Trump must be stopped. He is a danger to our children. “Toxic Masculinity” is evil. The time to stop all of this is in the child’s earliest years. Raising a child “gender-neutral” is the first step in the nurture of a wholesome child.

The new and exciting marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle has produced a glorious theybe child. This proves that the future of the royal family, and yours, can be celebrated without the toxicity of maleness.

Theybe Baby

About half of a human’s gender orientation is pre-programmed in the DNA. That means all the rest of the child’s future is available to be transformed and grown into the diverse and caring person we want it to be.

It’s simple. If there are no masculine men then there will be no wars. If there are no masculine men then there will be no jackbooted thug cops or rapists or racists.

The world will be at peace.

There are thousands of teachers across this land who are fighting to end the maleness of children in their charge. One such is Mx. Steele. His original name is Mark Vincent Busenbark. Mx. Steele explains that people who are against diversity are motivated by fear and hate.

The Wisconsin city of Madison and their Metropolitan School District executives encouraged Mx. Steele to show his video in every class of K through 5th-grade children at their Allis Elementary School.

Inspiring children to vacate the vile thoughts of masculinity and to embrace kind and generous diversity will make the city of Madison a more peaceful place for all.


Not all teachers in our schools can bring such diversity to their classrooms. More must be done to erase Trump from our minds.

Volunteers are taking the lead.

One heroic group is fighting to make our children safe and happy. That group is called “Drag Queen Story Hour.”


The group consists of volunteers who cross this nation bringing diversity to public schools and city libraries everywhere.

Thousands of children have already been deeply affected by the gender fluidity celebrated by these volunteers.


Parents flock to the programs in schools and libraries and are eager to rid their children of Trump Toxicity.

San Francisco is blessed with sixteen downtown libraries each eager to support this effort and provide that gentle thrust the children need.


At the heart of the Sanctuary, San Francisco offers sixteen local locations for children to see their new future.

Just as with playing a musical instrument, practice makes perfect and in this case, it is the constant enforcement of diversity in the child’s mind. Under a warm and welcoming government led by Bernie Sanders much will be done to send federal grants to schools and libraries across the land. Once Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez reaches presidential age then she can accelerate this funding and make it part of every school and library in the nation.


As soon as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez grows up we will elect her President of the United States and she can take control of this land and there will be no wars and peace will come to the world.

One popular documentary explores the tremendous effect these storytime events have had on children. It shows that if we band together, Trump’s toxicity can be completely erased from the minds of children everywhere.

Yes, there will be no wars. There will be no crime. White hate and white racism will be gone from this land.

KQED is the signal source of diversity in San Francisco and the inspiration for stations across this land. It is a 501 (c3) non-profit corporation and run by Michael Isip. He makes over $300,000 a year and does what he can to lead the way for America to be diverse in every way.


Across the Land

That San Francisco, and its television and radio stations, celebrate such diversity is one thing. But the clarion call to end Toxic Masculinity has crossed the entire expanse of America and reached New York City.


Feminism Rules

More and more women are entering powerful positions in business and the arts and their husbands ( not to be confused with their wives) are staying home to nurture the children.

It’s amazing to see so many “househusbands” bringing their children to experience the true diversity that can be America.

Getting more males to participate

To make the experience edgier and encourage fathers to participate as well, Valentine’s Day can take on a whole new level of diversity at your local public library.


Bella Noche

As marijuana and fentanyl and magic mushrooms, and even marijuana dog food become part of everyday life, ketamine may soon be included.

Ketamine is a natural substance used to assist people in expanding their minds in so many different ways. There is even a clinic in San Diego where ketamine is experienced by those in need. The clinic is called Ketamine For Life.


Here we see a volunteer and her muse discussing ketamine and diversity. While ketamine is part of the gay lifestyle it also crosses over to the people of more fluidic genders. As you can see in the video Desmond makes a snorting notion, signaling that he is familiar with the powder even if he has not as yet been given it himself.

Thanks to these library and school volunteers, Trump maleness is leaving this nation. Just one generation of such diversity and Male Toxicity will be erased from our land.


Chips Ahoy is on board

From Gillette to Nike to even Chips Ahoy, the elimination of Trump maleness is marching on. Here is a Chips Ahoy commercial.

The African American Community is down with the program in a big way. While making up only 30 million of America’s 320 million citizens, they contribute more than 50% of the Library Story Time volunteers.


City of Long Beach

While hundreds of miles from San Francisco, the city of Long Beach gets the award for the most creative Library Story Time. Here we see the event being celebrated in a Long Beach Public Library.