Pro-choice for all

December 2019

Trump is fighting to erase any possible hope for those of us in America who are “Pro Choice.”

Choice is something the Trump wants to banish so that women can be enslaved by white heterosexual men.

We must fight.

It is essential that all women be able to decide on their own terms where and when they wish to start a family. This is a choice that must be up to the woman and to no one else.

There is, however, another “choice” and one that we just don’t talk about. It is an even more personal “choice” and it is not deciding the status of a foreign entity within our bodies but the fate, the future, of our own body itself.

It is time that all people in America have that option, called not “Pro Choice” but “Self Choice,” as to whether they themselves should have their existence surrendered.

Making a choice for some semi-cancerous entity growing within you is certainly a choice but it is still one step away from the real issue which is your own ability to choose the status of your own body and your own existence.

“Self Choice” gives each and every one of us the ability to decide for ourselves what to do with us.

And, unlike “Pro Choice” this is a fully 2SLGBTQIA+-compliant issue. Self Choice means you finally have a say over yourself. Those who are men who have periods or women who don’t, this Self Choice issue is there’s as well.

Some have personal issues with the concept of Pro Choice and whether or not one can participate in that personal selection but Self Choice is open to all.

Many have decided that post birth abortion up to the fourth trimester is acceptable. Others counter that post birth abortion up to the age of four years is acceptable. But again, these are decisions being made by one entity who is deciding the fate of another.

It is time we were allowed to simplify our choices and to make the most central decision for ourselves: Self Choice.

The Sanctuary will be equipped with at least one “Self Choice” facility in each of its nine counties. Each facility will be there to support your desires 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is no paperwork and there are no forms to fill out.

Just visit the facility and a kindly compassionate aide will direct you to one of their 25 comfortable chairs. In 30 seconds your choice, your wish, your desire, will be fulfilled. Eternal sleep will be yours.

The facilities themselves are carbon neutral.

In fact, thanks to Self Choice, they are immensely carbon negative by saving the world from whatever your future carbon load your future might have been. The facilities use simple, inexpensive and healthful nitrogen gas which already makes up almost 80% of the air we breathe.

All the system does is increase the percentage of nitrogen gas you are breathing from 80% to a pure and gentle 100%. In 30 seconds there is sleep. After a simple three minute respite, your chair is wheeled discretely to a small doorway and your remains are gently slid through the door.

Your bodily essence is then just washed with a high pressure water jet. Should you contain metallic objects such as knee or hip replacements, the water jet allows those objects to be automatically separated and recycled. The waterjet is equipped with a sapphire nozzle and just sprays pure gentle water at high pressure.

After three minutes of this washing process your remains are co-mingled with the remains of thousands of others and then aged in a safe and warm storage reservoir. From that .reservoir the co-mingled remains are ready for natural air drying and then composting.

All of these services are free and anonymous. There is no “afterwards” for your friends to be concerned about. Your friends need not be aware of or even share any knowledge of the event. Your existence or non-existence is moot. The matter is completely private.

Once you enter the facility your existence is permanently erased. Your DNA is even comingled with thousands of others which makes you completely free of emotional attachment.

Certainly, the world is ready and the youth of America are eager to eliminate the more adult of our population. Your eventual departure from the Sanctuary will bring you peace.