The new sexuality

There are very sound evolutionary reasons for homosexuality in the human population.

The primary reason might be called “The Gay Uncle” theory and it suggests that a major reason we have homosexuals in the population is to help that man’s nephew survive and even prosper. The uncle’s resources, instead of being spent on his own children are invested in that close relative’s child. This certainly indicates that homosexuality is natural and is a survival strategy for the species and that is why it remains active in the human population — and why it has not been wiped out as a defective survival strategy. The “Gay Uncle” will still pass on his genes indirectly to future generations by ensuring the children of his sister survive. Certainly, his DNA will not be a full contribution to the gene pool but it does ensure that 25% of his genes are passed on to the next generation.

This also might offer an answer as to why we have pederasty and pedophilia. These behaviors have certainly been in human genes for the entire Holocene Epoch. There are very valid reasons for these activities as they also benefit society.

Firstly, sexuality in human males is controlled by about 50% by their DNA. Thus, homosexuality has a large genetic component. Even today we see these behaviors continuing in the most primitive of peoples; even those who are completely isolated from modern influences.

For example, the Sambia of New Guinea have strict rites of passage for their prepubescent males — starting at age seven and ending at age ten. As part of these rites of passage, the children perform fellatio on the adult men of the tribe and even swallow the semen and thus gain the strength of the older males. It is also believed that the only way that a male child can have any semen for its own future mating processes is to originally obtain it from another male.

Men of the Sambia Tribe of New Guinea.

What these “rites of passage” also do is force the children to bond together for their own mutual defense. This is quite similar to adult men in battle who create bonds far stronger with the men in their military units than they ever have with their wives or children. The adrenaline and endorphin highs are substantial and permanently affect the male brain. This bonding will last a lifetime.

The “Gay Uncle” theory has been studied with great interest and we find that females who have a homosexual brother are statistically more successful in having children and then in those children faring better through their entire lifetimes. The ‘Gay Uncle” is thus, in fact, part of the evolutionary norm for humans.

As with all traits seen in living things, some can be normal to nature and some can be accidental. Some people are tall because their parents were tall and some are tall because they have Marfan syndrome or hypothyroidism. It is certainly possible for some homosexuals to just have mutant genes. In these cases, it seems to correlate with Crohns disease, anxiety, suicide, depression and even left-handedness.

The myriad survival strategies of humans are complex. An interesting side note is that females in estrus are prone to select extremely masculine men as being the most attractive. Of course, should they act upon this “excitement” then they will, even if briefly, experience the usually quite violent and very negative and certainly undesirable traits of these high testosterone-laden males. Fortunately, for the group, these are the men who are considered quite “expendable” and are usually tasked with defending the tribe or attacking other tribes. Thanks to the higher testosterone levels, they spring to the opportunity to demonstrate their manliness and experience the consequences.

This brings on the question of Feminism. Certainly, a modern expert in that field is Naomi Wolf. She is a popular author and was a long-time advisor to President Bill Clinton. Her newest book is, “Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love.” Her other works include, “Vagina: A New Biography,” and “Vagina, Give Me Liberty,” and “Promiscuities.” Ms. Wolf was instilled in the issues of the LGBTQ community by her parents from early childhood. Her mother is an anthropologist and the author of “The Lesbian Community.”

Ms. Wolf is a leader in America’s Feminist movement.

Unless participating in the bountiful benefits of a Welfare State, a female must select a male who will remain with her during the pregnancy and then until the child has matured. Thus, the male must have some female traits such as cooperativeness, conscientiousness as well as being masculine enough to protect this family from moderate threats. Of course, it is reasonable to assume that periodically all those feminine traits will eventually come together over time and create a quite feminine male.

Of course, these traits are not just exhibited in their behaviors but even in their thinking processes. Not only do they think like a female and are attracted to men but they also produce psychological test scores that replicate those of females including IQ and spatial awareness and linguistic abilities. This even exhibits itself in their hands where the ring finger is usually shorter than the trigger finger.

What we find is that throughout the ages, it is those tribes which are extremely cooperative among its members and yet extremely hostile to outsiders that survive. This has been proven in numerous computerized war games and is even biblical in its historical advocacy. It is thus of benefit to have some really nasty men standing at the periphery of the gene pool, and of the group itself, who are taking on all comers, while the males with some level of compassion and nurturing — which are female traits — stay with the group to cooperate and build a safe sanctuary.

Some of these survival strategies are even built into a breeding female’s chemistry and her immune system responses. It seems that under times of stress the female will produce a more feminine male child. The reality is that stress in the female during the second trimester increases the levels of corticosterone and adrenaline in the female and when those hormones cross the placental barrier they interfere with the fetus’ production of various sex hormones including testosterone. This may be nature’s way of limiting the future numbers of breeding males who would only increase the population of the group in times of famine.

This is also seen when tracking the females’ birthing history. The more male children the female has had the more likely it is that the next male child she bears will be homosexual. Each time the female creates a male child there is an internal fight between the testosterone of the fetus and the estrogen of the mother. The mother is larger and thus more able to counteract the male hormones of the fetus and overwhelm them with her own female hormones. With each attack by a subsequent male fetus on the mother, the more the mother’s body has built up its defenses and the more she can overwhelm those male hormones and thus flood the fetus with female hormones.

Another, and significant, benefit of the homosexual or pederast or pedophile to the species is in the nurturing of the young. Males have very little time for annoying stupid little infants or even most young children including their own.

As with all living things, there has to be a survival benefit to the organism to exhibit a given behavior. In the case of humans, nature has given some males some level of reward for being around these young children.

There is a great benefit to the survival of the group in having males (and to a much lesser degree, females) who are not interested in breeding. These people can then spend far more time on the children of others and thus help nurture them. These people will also spend their time helping the community in numerous ways. Firstly, they might be involved in the spiritual aspects of the group. They may act as the religious healer or leader of the group’s belief system. It has been found that dedication to a single religion is massively influential to the survival of the group.

Of course, the group’s religion is one that over time becomes ever more focused and honed to the environment in which that group resides. Survival strategies laid down in Faith in one terrain or climactic environment usually do not fare well in some other environment. It is only advanced technology developed by a group that then allows a Faith to succeed in disparate lands. Of course, then we have a “closed loop” system of the society shaping the Faith and the Faith shaping the society. This finely tunes the religion and the society to function successfully in that locale.

Many of the brightest and most productive in a group — who provide the advanced skills and technologies of that group — are often celibate. They are too busy spending their time and energy in improving the capabilities of the group above those of any other group to have children themselves. Their contribution to the group through the improvement of the group’s well-being far outweighs the absence of the furtherance of their DNA in the group’s gene pool.

Again, why would an adult male want anything to do with a child that is not his own? This is especially true when you imagine the kinds of noisy, smelly-weasel, conniving, inattentive, mindless little worms that most male children are. So where is the motivation for adult males to deal with these things and become a teacher? Certainly, if they are sexually attracted to these little worms then you have the motivation. Most of these males hold their true interests in reserve and derive their pleasures from the less than optimal interface they do have with their charges. But we need only look at the number of cases of pedophilia in the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts to see the reality. Nearly always, these will be single men who are considered to be confirmed bachelors.

Thus, through the entire Holocene Epoch, humankind has genetically honed its males to serve several roles in the group. They have been “domesticated.”

Three other groups have also been “domesticated” in this way and they might seem on the surface to be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. They are the domestication of dogs, sheep, and goats through sexual relations with their human companions.

Dogs especially are in tune with a human’s emotions and even understand the meanings of their odors. Dogs are even adept at determining if a human is about to have a diabetic or even an epileptic seizure. Dogs look to humans as their providers for their well-being and leaders of their pack. Humans operate at multiple levels with dogs and, considering the mess that the dogs make and the requirements to constantly walk them and give them attention, there have to be significant emotional and sexual benefits returned to both. Certainly, the examples are too numerous to count. For example, the woman who has one or even two very large dogs and yet lives in an apartment.

A professor from Princeton has explained all of this in some detail. Dr. Peter Albert David Singer is an Australian moral philosopher and is the Ira W. De Camp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. In 2004, Professor Singer was recognized as the Australian Humanist of the Year In these two videos he explains that all of this is simply nature’s way and normal for humans everywhere.

Here is another video from Professor Peter Singer.

The encouragement of trans-species affection has carried even to America Public Television Networks. On the program ARTHUR, targeting the youngest of our children, a gay trans-species assignation is formalized in marriage.

A gay trans-species assignation is formalized on the first show of Arthur’s 22nd season.

Here we have the wedding of a male rat and a male aardvark on the PBS television program Arthur. Now the children, including Muffy, Francine, and Buster, are fascinated by the marriage of their teacher to a man and one of another species. The pairing is a model for all of America’s children to follow and yearn for as they too grow to adulthood.

Even Congressmen have embraced this philosophy to some degree. Congressman Adam Schiff of California’s 28th District is certainly one who is on record as encouraging and enforcing at federal levels of diversity in all their flavors.

Congressman Schiff focuses on his constituent’s physical and emotional needs.

Congressman Adam Schiff represents one of the most sexually diverse districts in the United States. He spends long hours with his constituents consoling them and their partners.

Here we have Congressman Adam Schiff discussing his life companion “Mia.”

Congressman Schiff certainly knows the benefits of a close relationship with his trans-species companion.

Additionally, Congressman Schiff is deeply saddened by the refusal of Trump and his cohorts to stop 2SLGBTQIA+ Undocumented Citizens from coming out of the shadows and being accepted by the community so that they can receive the massive federal benefits available to all other minorities.

Certainly, Congressman Schiff has a well-regarded interest in Undocumented Citizens and their families and even pets. While each is a potential new member of his political party and a new voter his interests are in creating a far more diverse America than most might imagine.

Undocumented Citizen Fidel Lopez is certain to receive Congressman Schiff’s support.

Sexual frustration is a terrible thing. This Undocumented Citizen of Portland, Oregon, simply enjoyed the companionship of his human fiance’s dog. Her Lhasa Apso received him but then was unable to continue the experience. Mr. Lopez pleaded guilty to two felonies: first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal.

Mr. Lopez spent only 60 days in the Multnomah County jail. Portland’s politicians truly and fully embrace the concepts of trans-species affection and understand the potential for their fellow devotees being mistreated by police. The politicians secretly released Mr. Lopez from jail and back into the community even while Donald Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) agents were lying in wait outside. Unfortunately, ICE tracked him down and Trump’s agents will now deport him. Love should not be illegal.

Portland celebrates diverse sexual preferences in all their permutations.

While not as free-spirited as the Sanctuary, Portland is alive with a wide range of opportunities for stimulating experiences — all protected by powerful like-minded politicians.

Sheep are such a common vehicle for prurient humor that there is no point in discussing the matter further. The evidence is clear and abounds in every land. Bonding with sheep is just part of the human’s process of domestication. Here is a video of farmers bringing companionship to their charges in Afghanistan.

Even goats have an eye for humans and have learned over the last 15,000 years to judge their human companions’ every mood.

Thus, it is obvious that sexuality in humans is not limited to just diverse genders but even to diverse species.

Unless we follow Dr. Peter Singer’s suggestions and participate in these activities ourselves we certainly cannot know or judge the benefits.

One memorable case is that of the gentleman in Florida who had been dating his pitbull for several years. It was only when he “came out of the closet” and normalized the engagement in his front yard, that his neighbors discovered the depth of this emotional pairing.

While the gentleman saw nothing wrong with the engagement, since he was only continuing a long-term romance, his neighbors disagreed. Bernard Marsonek, age 57, was arrested and removed from the neighborhood.

His loss of affection can be seen in his face as he was booked into county jail for what many, including Dr. Singer, see as simply acts between consenting mammals.

His long-term trans-species relationship ended in his front yard.