Our New Berlin


Berlin, Germany, was once the center of diversity for the entire world.

Its fate was sealed with Germany’s appointment of Adolf Hitler as its chancellor in 1933 and the city was quickly stripped of its unique character and very nearly wiped off the face of this earth. With the election of Donald Trump, San Francisco faces a similar fate.

Even German media senses our plight and has publicly called for a final solution.

We must take action, now.

Berlin is a story of diversity, compassion, and love. San Francisco is the world’s New Berlin and we must build a fortress to defend it. Building The Sanctuary is our only hope.

The city of Berlin was a compassionate and passionate place and a true sanctuary for the 2SLGBTQIA+ of Europe and, yes, even for the entire world.

Diverse artists could celebrate their instincts and passions in Berlin.


Here, a Berliner’s “modernist” sculpture of Jesus Christ.

Berlin’s Blossoming to Freedom was enabled by the effects of World War One. A military is composed of its most “toxically masculine” men and in war, they are the first to die. World War One erased more than two million of these “toxically masculine” men from Germany’s gene pool and created another five million disabled and maimed.

Germany had about 20 million men of all ages at the start of that war. By the end of the war “male toxicity” had been almost completely wiped out and diversity could spring forth. This was true in France as well and its capital of Paris also celebrated new levels of diversity but to a far lesser degree.

War is a “dysgenic” event. It correlates with bravery, gallantry, civic values, and the desire to lay down one’s life for others. It also correlates with leadership and occupational status. As with society as a whole, the upper one percent will survive because they are the “generals” and are usually many miles from the fray. While millions die, the lowest ranks survive to breed. Proportionately more non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers die. This culls the gene pool of the brightest and most productive that we would call “the middle class.” World War One had great effect on Europe with millions dead. World War Two had similar effect on Europe but included the United States in its high casualty rates. In the case of the United States, nearly half the male population was mentally or physically unfit for service and never called to arms. This unfit population remained to breed while the productive were violently culled from the gene pool.

In the 1920s, Berlin was flooded with the compassionate. Its millions voted for politicians who were the most liberal in Europe. As the capital of Germany, its national politicians opened the country’s borders and millions of the eager and diverse flooded in from the East.

In Berlin, a culture of exploration and art flourished. New and creative styles were born. Life was celebrated on the streets, in the cafes, and in its hundreds of cabarets.

As with The Sanctuary, Berlin became a mecca for the world’s high tech companies. Scientists and engineers flooded into the city to develop the newest and latest technologies. There were no racist “H-1B” visas required; the people just flooded over the border and settled in Berlin.

The finest and most liberal universities of Europe were in Berlin.

Then too, literally hundreds of thousands of young men and women flooded into the city looking to enjoy a true 2SLGBTQIA+ lifestyle as advocated by the media and promised by the city’s politicians.

Just as San Francisco’s Castro District is essential to the very spirit of San Francisco, Alexanderplatz was the beating heart of Berlin.

There was no censorship and there were no restrictive laws. Sexuality was explored in every possible way and cocaine, heroin, opium, amphetamines and more were freely available across the city.

The city supported more than 100,000 female prostitutes and more than 85,000 male prostitutes.

The city had its own anthem: “Berliner Luft.” The song proclaimed that the diversity of the city was due to special substances in the air itself. Berlin was thought to have a special air, filled with substances from the local marshes and wetlands of the Spree River nearby.

Berliner Luft

Sex and drugs were so accepted and plentiful that doctors prescribed cocaine for sexual exhaustion. Cocaine and other such products were passed as favors between tables in the cabarets.

Only one icon of that era has survived: Marlene Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich’s persona was born in Berlin and she was rumored to give the best oral sex on earth. A close second might have been the divorce’ Wallis Simpson who was intersex and was exceptionally adept at various sexual practices. Wallis Simpson married England’s Prince of Wales. This diverse co-mingling affair became a world tragedy when he abdicated his thrown as King Edward VIII of England to be with her.

Wallis Simpson had roots in California through her first marriage to a naval officer stationed in Coronado, California. The Duke of Windsor had met that officer on a tour of Coronado’s naval facilities. Wallis Simpson then married a second time but divorced that husband quickly to marry the King of England.

In the last 100 years, only the marriage of Barack Obama and Michele would rise to such heights of diversity.

Berlin’s Marlene Dietrich was carefully groomed for her role by Anita Berber.

Anita Berber was the true icon and spirit of Berlin in the 1920s. She died at age 29 and was lost to history. Her true fame has been suppressed by conservatives because she might otherwise be held today as the historical role model for diversity of all kinds. Anita Berber was not only bisexual but trans-species and had affairs with her pet monkey and her horse. She performed at numerous cabarets in the city and her favorite venue was a cabaret named “The White Mouse.” Part of her stage performance included walking out into the audience, standing on a customer’s table, and then urinating on the table and the customers.

Marlene Dietrich the protégé was shown how to walk and talk and dress androgynously and was carefully shown the benefits of bisexual oral sex. It was the compassionate media, through the 1950s, who carried Dietrich to the heights of stage and film.

Anita Berber

This age of Berlin’s supremacy was celebrated in film and books. A young man named Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood spent more than four years in Berlin and celebrated the city and its people. His works would later become the spirit and theme for the 1972 film Cabaret with its exceptional dance routines by Bob Fosse.

The art of the city was an inspiration to all.

Here we have art by George Grosz who was part of Berlin’s New Objectivity School and depicted the diversity of Berlin in that time and certainly foretold the art of San Francisco. This color image could be from the San Francisco of today.

George Grosz

Another element of the diversity of Berlin was the Bauhaus Movement. While formed in Weimar, Germany, it moved to Berlin. The term “Less is more” came from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe a celebrant of the movement. This movement’s principles were incorporated into the heart of the designs from Steve Jobs and made Apple what it is today. Even Google has celebrated Bauhaus with a custom doodle for its home page:

Google Doodle celebrating Bauhaus

The art and diverse cultures of this city were destroyed with the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor in 1933.

We have Donald Trump.

Be warned.

San Francisco is The New Berlin.

San Francisco is the New Berlin. It is time for our city to rise to its full glory and to fight for its place in history. It is today a celebration of diversity beyond compare.

San Francisco has one thousand times greater wealth than did Berlin of the 1920s. It is time we used our wealth to build our Sanctuary and protect it for generations to come.

The diversity on Berlin’s streets and in its basements and even in its cabarets was only celebrated after dark. All those diversions and explorations of varied lifestyles are today openly enjoyed in broad daylight on the streets of San Francisco.

San Francisco celebrates freedom!

By creating the Sanctuary, San Francisco can take its place in World History. With its cities and borders carefully guarded, it becomes the most powerful and richest city on earth and a shining light spreading diversity around the world. California’s capital is within the Sanctuary and that city’s politicians will, more and more; bend to the will of the people and make this land the center of not only 2SLGBTQIA+ rights for California but, yes, for the entire world.

We must march onward!

Berlin was certainly ahead of its time. Here we have an example of Berlin’s art called “Head of a Man.”

Klee, Head of a Man

Here we have Canada’s visionary Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inspiration for Canada’s 50th anniversary of 2SLGBTQIA+ freedom now embodied in that country’s latest dollar coin.


The coin was designed by Joe Average (that’s his real name) of Vancouver. This Vancouver native has a history of supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ and HIV communities.

The coin shows two intertwined faces that reflect humankind’s gender fluidity across its wide spectrum.

A purposely rare collector’s version of the coin is also available and which is filled with vibrant colors and made of pure silver.


Canada has become the country for 2SLGBTQIA+ causes only thanks to the Trudeau family. Justin Trudeau is the child of a very liberated mother who celebrated her sexuality with freedom and adventure.


Here we have Justin Trudeau’s mother and notice that she’s not wearing panties.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau was inculcated in the spirit of 2SLGBTQIA+ from an early age. Here you can see his mother, Margaret Trudeau, treating Justin like the Christ child.

Gavin Newsom can be our Trudeau!

California’s capital of Sacramento is within the Sanctuary and there is nothing stopping us from issuing our own coinage. This new coinage can be a statement of our strength and our diversity for the entire world to see.

Our Own Mint

Yes, the Sanctuary can also create its own 2SLGBTQIA+ coinage. We have our own mint.

The Sanctuary is far more powerful than you might imagine. The San Francisco Mint no longer produces circulating coins but it instead creates proof coins and commemorative coins.

The San Francisco Mint

We have the power to create coinage for the Sanctuary and for all of America. While the San Francisco Mint produces what might be considered limited runs of specialized coinage, they can certainly produce all the coinage for the Sanctuary. We can produce our own 2SLGBTQIA+ coins and not just in dollar denominations but certainly quarters as well. The designs can come from the people of the Sanctuary. We only need California’s representatives in Washington to demand that our mint make coinage for Our People.

An Anthem for our Sanctuary.

Just as Berlin had an anthem, it’s time we selected an anthem for our Sanctuary as well. Some of the suggestions put forward are these:

Being Proactive in Our Defense

To defend what we have created here in the Sanctuary we must defend ourselves from white toxic masculinity. The population of 2SLGBTQIA+ genetic males is only about one percent of the U.S. male population. Through eight years of the Obama Administration’s “Alpha males” in the schools and toxic masculinity itself have been greatly reduced. Possibly 80% of the male population of our universities today is now not only 2SLGBTQIA+ but even anti-male.

One last redoubt for maleness is the military. As those people leave the service many then join local police departments to use their jack boots against us. There is hope.

The historic culling effects of World War One on the male populations of Germany and France showed great promise.

There have been fewer than 2,500 U.S. military killed and about 20,000 wounded over America’s entire 18 years of combat in Afghanistan. In fact, today, while there are more than three million people in the U.S. military, only one percent of those carry weapons and only about one percent of that one percent actually fire those weapons on a daily basis.

2,500 dead in 18 years?

The city of Tijuana, Mexico alone celebrates more than 2,500 dead per year. Mexico can be the key to our survival. Of the 50 most “rambunctious” cities on this planet, fourteen are in Mexico.

California had but two million Hispanics in 1970. In 2019, there are more than 22 million. By inviting Mexico to come to our defense we can greatly diminish the toxic masculinity of America and bring peace to the Sanctuary.