Sanctuary lies

As the Diverse World comes to America by the tens of millions, and all for a better life, some are fighting this human betterment tooth and claw. Certainly, we all are aware of Racist Trump and his hateful positions on the disadvantaged and the Undocumented Citizen. From forcing people who have prior medical conditions just lay down and die, to building a concrete and steel border barrier to our increasing diversity, Trump is truly the Devil Incarnate.

The real surprise is that those who we thought were our friends and allies are actually not on our side; the Democratic Party.

The Democrats are not our friends. The newly elected governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is outraged that Trump campaigned and won election on deporting “illegals” and yet he is also outraged that Trump has now changed his mind and is sending these poor Undocumented Citizens to California’s sanctuary cities.

What on earth is wrong with that?

What REALLY happened

In simple terms, the Racist Trump has simply surrendered to the New Reality, to the New Demographics of this nation, and has agreed to allow tens of millions of undocumented citizens to stay in this country and through that act to encourage millions more to come and to share in our bounty. Trump thinks that these new residents will vote for the Republican Party. The matter is as simple as that. That he is an idiotic, orange haired babbling fool is beside the point.

The Democrats also have a problem. Let’s look at that problem.

If we look at California’s historical and projected demographics we see the obvious; California will be a nearly 100% Hispanic state win just two decades. Whites are dying off en masse. In the graph below, the blue line tracks the historical and predicted Hispanic Population growth in California. The skyrocketing blue line is Hispanics.


If we look at California’s fertility rates by ethnicity we see this Hispanic “Anchor” in California overwhelms the other races by a wide margin. Again, it is the blue line for the Hispanics.


If we look at California’s fertility rates compared to the rest of the United States we see this Hispanic “Anchor” in California drives the California birth rate substantially higher than the rest for the United States. Again, it is the blue line for the Hispanics.


Here is the secret they don’t want you to know.

The Democrats are terrified that their “Old boy network” control over California will be lost. The people in power in California are Rich White Democrats. It’s that simple.

Here is a graphic from the State of California describing California’s present legislature. The grey is represents the white population in both of the pie charts. With the influx of non-whites the Democratic power base will be erased. Do please understand that those white segments of the pie charts are not Republicans. There are essentially no Republicans in either house of California’s state legislatures; they are all Democrats.


If we listen to the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, we hear him say that immigrants are people and not pawns. The problem for him is that people are pawns! People Vote!

Mayor Garcetti has done everything he can to get Hispanics to vote for him — even eliminating the requirement for business licenses or even health permits for the Hispanic street vendors covering most of downtown Los Angeles’s sidewalks.

Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaff — who broadcast across all the local media that there was an imminent ICE raid so that the undocumented citizens of her city could escape from ICE’s grasp says Trump is fanning hate and division.

Trump is simply letting the undocumented citizens coming over the border visit her city (thinking they will vote Republican) and she is saying that it is bad when at the same time she warned all of them in her city to run and hide from the feds.

A Los Angeles County Supervisor named Hilda Solis is outraged and stated that the only way to address the immigration problem is through immigration reform. The words “Immigration reform” are two words that mean three words: let everyone in. So what is her problem?

Most sanctuary cities offer free medical care, free meals, free schooling and even Section 8 housing. California already offers free driver’s licenses and university tuitions that are lower for undocumented citizens than they are for any other non-citizen group and undocumented citizens even pay lower university than tuitions that paid by a student coming from another state.

All Trump is doing is caving in and giving the immigrants clambering across our border the transportation they already want to get to the exact and specific locations they had planned to visit in the first place.

The bottom line here is that the Rich White Democrats want to win elections. They can see that if the demographic changes in California continue as forecast that they will be voted out of office by the millions of undocumented citizens who vote to put real honest undocumented citizens in their place in local and county and state and federal offices.

Filling the Sanctuary Zone with as many downtrodden and undocumented citizenry as possible and as quickly as possible allows the people to control their own fate.

There is only one effective “Sanctuary” in the entire United States and that is the one that would, in military terms, be called a “Center of Gravity” for control of the nation. That “Center of Gravity” encompasses the nine counties of California’s Sanctuary Zone.

These nine counties are the overwhelming center of monetary power and technology in the United States. Flooding those nine counties brings in new people who will be working at Google and Twitter and Facebook and Apple and YouTube and PayPal and more.

Those companies are who control America today through their control of the media and their control of the nearly one trillion dollars in primary and secondary Internet revenue streams.

The California Sanctuary Zone is our only hope of survival.