Geneviéve Jones-Wright

Savior Hero of Our Sanctuary

It is not often that a true savior of the Black Race comes forward. Geneviéve Jones-Wright is such a hero.

This brave woman fought diligently to become the District Attorney in San Diego. Mr. George Soros invested possibly one million dollars in her campaign but the racist pigs of San Diego refused to allow a woman of African descent to provide them with the justice they deserve.

As a victim of racist hate her entire life, she has fought her way upward in the white-dominated society and remains today a powerful leader for us all.

We need to pay her whatever salary she demands and bring her here to Our Sanctuary and let her rule with an iron hand.

She can bring to the nine counties of the Sanctuary Zone the same level of reparations and justice seen in South Africa, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburg.