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A message from the heart

We are now faced with civil war. This will be a war of such monstrous evil and lethality that few of us might survive. We must take action. We must prepare and protect ourselves and our diverse and loving future for Our America.

The Republicans and gun-toting racists are actually coming to get us. There is no alternate narrative. There is no way we can ignore this. They really are coming.

We have tried and tried to bring diversity and compassion to cities across this land, from Wilmington to Camden, from Philadelphia to Detroit. And at every place and at every time the Republicans have fought us and destroyed our work and destroyed the innocent people we love. Look at what those Republicans have done to those cities!

We may soon be facing the guns of these racists, just as we now face the guns of Racist Police Pigs on the streets of America each and every day.

We must understand that it is not “elections” that win the victory it is THE PEOPLE!

The first time they “elected” a president in this century it was George W. Bush and it was a sham. Their second attack was putting the vile and evil Donald Trump into office and again the election was a sham.

A lone few on the side of Freedom have tried to solve this problem and attacked. Their attempt to cleanse America of these people at the Congressional Baseball shooting of 2017 only made them into martyrs. At least Ms. Pelosi sent the ambulances on a wild goose chase delaying medical assistance for almost an hour.

Those people are using that outdated and racist constitution written by slave owners to slam our faces into the mud.

Our Great President Obama did all that he could to save us and to allow true Freedom to Ring. He invited millions of the undocumented masses to this land. Our President Obama knew what the poem on the Statue of Liberty is all about.

Now, with Trump, we are faced with those millions of innocents being savagely deported!

Our safety today is in our desperate efforts not to allow these racists to attack any small target. When they try one attack, we move the target and overpower them. From Congress to the Senate to Governors to judges to city mayors, we keep up the attacks on their hateful racism. We have hundreds of secret supporters in the FBI and the CIA.

But each and every day we have fewer and fewer places of power to save us. The Republicans are conquering all through conspiracy, corruption, and money.

Now that the brave people of California have stood up to the Republicans and created a Sanctuary State we would think we were safe.

This is not true.

The federal government is now on the attack.

We have had to create a Shadow Government within the CIA and the FBI to protect us from this evil. And even they may soon be brought down.

Racist counties in California are fighting to eliminate the state’s sanctuary law. The lights are blinking out across the land.

California’s efforts will soon fail.

The California Sanctuary Zone

By creating this California Sanctuary Zone we are concentrating our people and our power and our money in a Fortress of Compassion and Good.

San Francisco is the heart of the funding we need to be strong and vigilant. Sacramento is the state capitol and nestled within the zone. Stockton is a port city to bring commerce and cash to our zone. Oakland is a major hub for everything from jazz to legal marijuana sales.

There we can be safe.

With our people dispersed across the land, we can be destroyed one by one … family after family, immigrant after immigrant.

Bringing them together makes us strong.

Bringing them together makes us Invincible!

Yes, we do have most of the media on our side. But if we look at the hard numbers, we are losing. CNN was once the king of the news. Today it has one third the viewers of that hate spewing Fox News.

We need Our Sanctuary to rebuild our forces and our strength and our cash to fight.

Certainly, Facebook and Google and Apple and even YouTube do their best to stamp out this Republican Scourge but it is too little and too late.

But just as Mexico receives nearly $100 billion each year from its citizens now inside the USA so to can we build Our Sanctuary and allow the tens of millions of people across America to fund our efforts and to help us fight.


In the Life magazine issue of January 16, 1962, David Ben-Gurion predicted a center of Hope and Justice to be based in Jerusalem. He said, “In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind …”

He predicted that this would be accomplished by 1987, 31 years ago, and yet it still has not come to pass.

Israel was created by a vote of the United Nations, which was then based in San Francisco, on November 29, 1947.

That is our inspiration.

To create a Sanctuary takes money and power and that means people. By concentrating our people in these nine counties with San Francisco at its heart, we take on the power and the money to keep us all safe.

Yes, by bringing all of Our People to Our Sanctuary Zone, we suddenly have the power and the massive fortune to make us safe.

Our colleges and universities are doing their best to create a generation of Freedom Fighters and to save the diversity we have built over the last 50 years. But they move too slowly.

As the Lights of Freedom are being extinguished across this land we must remove ourselves to a Redoubt, a Fortress, and a Safe Haven from which we can network outward and win this war.

We must come together NOW and build Our Sanctuary before it is too late.