Solano County is home to the war mongers and child murderers of Travis Air Force Base and the California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville.

CMF is frequently in the news thanks to its interesting residents including Bobby Beausoleil of Charles Manson fame as well as Charles Manson himself who stayed at the facility on two occasions.


There is utterly no reason for any of our citizens to be chained in dank dark cells in this concrete walled windowless hell.

With the coming of the Sanctuary, all will be released to seek their own paths in life and bring their love of life to all.

The county is also an ideal settlement area for the tens of thousands of new immigrants to the Sanctuary. Covering more than 800 square miles, it is a gentle land of rolling hills and abundant water ready and waiting for new arrivals.

The Travis Air Force base would be an ideal landing zone for undocumented citizens as well as a provisioning point for the tons of food and clothing needed by these new citizens of this new and diverse land.

Travis Air Force Base can easily support the reception of the more than 44,000 undocumented citizens now residing in ICE holding cells.

Once these huddled masses are received at Travis AFB, they can be ferried across San Francisco bay to San Francisco where they can receive food and lodging and medical care.

Those not wishing to continue to reside in San Francisco can then be the wards of hundreds of volunteers who can husband them over the BART network to verdant fields and camping grounds in the many counties of the Sanctuary Zone that have been prepared for their long term stay.