Santa Cruz


Just a short drive south from San Francisco is the county of Santa Cruz. The salient feature of the county is the University of California at Santa Cruz. With a student population of 20,000 it is a mecca for diversity and love in so many, many ways. The county has but 250,000 residents so the university campus represents a significant portion of the county’s population.

The University of California at Santa Cruz is a fully state and federally funded center for diversity and love. If your urges are for trees, water, earth or more, it is all celebrated here in Santa Cruz.

The two most interesting and representative people in Santa Cruz County are possibly Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens who are both PhDs at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Click here to see their their wedding with Mother Earth.

Santa Cruz ecosexual wedding

Their latest book is “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm.”

The county is thinking about the deep needs of its citizenry and how they must be protected from TRUMP.

The popular term in Santa Cruz is “Kinky People” and the fear is that Trump will inhibit the inhabitants from their wide-ranging and diverse lifestyle.

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Finally, here is a short clip from their film Eco-Sexual Celebration of Love.