Stanford must go!

There is a bubbling volcano of racial hate dwelling within our midst. That entity is the despicable pile of racist concrete, steel, and stone named Stanford University.

Stanford University in 1909

It is time that we closed that evil center for the slavery of the soul and re-purposed that land for the welfare of Undocumented Citizens crying out for freedom.

Innocent people are struggling within our midst and Stanford not only ignores these poor people but is hoarding billions to fuel white supremacy across this great land.

Possibly you are unaware of the despicable hatred and slaughter that Stanford actually represents.

Possibly you are unaware of the evil “Alpha Male” who created that place.

That man, that “Alpha Male,” was Leland Stanford; a thief and a liar.

Leland Stanford: Alpha Male and Republican.

He even founded the Republican Party in California.

To get elected as governor of California he actually ran on the “Ban Chinese Immigrants” platform supporting the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.


Leland Stanford enslaved tens of thousands of Chinese to build a railroad over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Thousands died. They died of malnutrition. They died of frostbite. They died of disease.

Here we have a bond for his racist, Chinese enslaving, thieving railroad company.

That man suckered so many Chinese from their native lands to the USA that they made up between 80 and 90 percent of his entire railroad building workforce. More than 8,000 were forced to do the most dangerous work: digging railroad tunnels through solid rock with just hand chisels and hammers. Yes, they would use an iron rod five feet long and bang it against solid rock. On each backswing, another man would quickly rotate the iron rod a quarter turn. Fingers were lost, hands were lost, lives were lost. Black powder explosive was poured into the hole and detonated. Sometimes the dust would detonate as they were “charging the hole” and blow the men apart with burned pieces of flesh scattered to the wind and the man’s entrails slung fifty feet from the rock face.

Stanford even had these poor people work on the stone foundations for his ego trip (or the place that was placating his immense guilt) Stanford University.

Let’s go back and look at that man and his deeds. Abraham Lincoln signed the first Railroad Act during the middle of America’s civil war. What Stanford did was not build a railroad but instead built a scheme to defraud investors and the U.S. Treasury. He was considered by his competitors Huntington and Hopkins “to be a lazy and incompetent fool.” His efforts caused two economic crashes quite similar in their result to the “dot com” collapse of the 1990s and certainly the real estate crash of 2008.

In fact, Leland Stanford is responsible for the common terms used today: “Railroad” and “Railroaded.”

In all of American history, trains have been presented for what they are, dangerous.

When George Gershwin rode the train from Boston to New York City in 1924 he listened to the click-clack of the wheels bumping on the gaps between the rails. He had been contracted to write a “concerto” for a musical exhibition. When later interviewed he said “I frequently hear music in the heart of the noise. I heard it as a musical kaleidoscope of America, of our vast melting pot.” By the time he reached New York City his concept for Rhapsody in Blue had been formed. He raced to his apartment on 110th avenue and entered a state of “Subconscious Composing.” His music debuted five weeks later. The music has that undertone of an American connected by the steel of the rails and the Empire of Railroads we had over the prior fifty years created. In 1924 we had about 20,000 passenger trains operating on the rails every single day.

What might be the finest novel ever written, Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina “(Анна Каренина), paints a different picture of trains. Karenina finally goes to a train station and places her head on the rail and allows a train to squash her brains into oblivion. Tolstoy himself actually dies at a train station with his wife living in private rail car parked on a rail siding nearby.

Anna Karenina

Thanks to Leland Stanford, the U.S. economy “porpoised” up and down and faced the worst panic of the century in 1893 and all of it thanks to the collapse of the railroad stocks.

Another financier, J.P Morgan, came in and personally saved this country. He found an obscure law from 1862 that allowed the treasury to act without congressional approval (this would occur again in 2008). As a side note, Mr. Morgan again saved the country from economic collapse in 1907.

Then, eight years later in 1915, a German spy/assassin named Erich Muenter put two bullets into Mr. Morgan to stop him from supporting the Triple Entente and getting us involved in World War One. Morgan lived and we entered the war.

J.P. Morgan: Savior of America

Leland Stanford was also president of Wells Fargo. And we know all about the millions of illegal and fraudulent bank accounts that his bank foisted on the elderly. Three million people suffered from that conniving company. Three million. And be warned, as the bank investigators dig deeper, that number could easily reach or exceed five million.

Possibly the only good thing he ever did was fund Mexico’s freedom fighter and Patriot Pancho Villa with $50,000 in gold so that Villa could cross our border with Mexico and invade the United States at Columbus, New Mexico, and then kill 18 American whites including a pregnant woman. More than 1,000 of Pancho Villa’s troops crossed the border and attacked that town. In retrospect, 1,000 is a pretty small number considering that more than 3,000 cross our border each and every day under Trump. But, Wells Fargo knew exactly what it was doing and kept that $50,000 Pancho Villa war fund a deep secret for more than 80 years — until 1999.

Speaking of elitists, Stanford “University” even had its own winery which was the largest winery on earth for a time. The “University” also owns 55,000 acres of land. Can you imagine? A “university” that owns 55,000 acres of land.

There’s more. Stanford University also has more than 26 billion dollars in the bank. Just think of what the Sanctuary could do with those billions. Instead of the money being stashed away in some foreign bank, the money could be used right now to build a golden Sanctuary for all.

We must seize those buildings and those 55,000 acres and all of those 26 billion dollars and build a place for the most downtrodden among us; those following Sharia Law.

Hated by Christians, those downtrodden can finally be safe living in those buildings and turning those 55,000 acres into verdant farmland to let them build a new life here in the Sanctuary.

Just a few miles south of Stanford resides “The Fifty Billion Dollar Man.” Mark Zuckerberg. Once the Stanford lands are fitted to the needs of Sharia, those people can march south and convince Mr. Zuckerberg to support our mission.

Mr. Zuckerberg resides within the political borders of Palo Alto and well within the Sanctuary. As Sharia conquers Palo Alto, the people can concentrate their power as they have in the distant cities of Telford and Rotherham, England. In Rotherham, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright did what he could to bring diversity to his city in every possible way.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright

The Telford reports of their success are vast and well-publicized.

Here is the Rotherham manual or “playbook” for bringing true diversity to Palo Alto and beyond.

Our army will march forth to save the Sanctuary and California itself.

The leadership of Our Salvation Army can be handed to the mayor of London. England, Sadiq Khan. This hero to Britain has brought justice and diversity to his native city of eight million. To stop the skyrocketing levels of celebratory, but brusk, interactions in the city he has banned the sale of knives in packages of two or more and also the sale of all knives that have any edges on them that are considered “sharp.”

Sadiq Khan: Hero, potential freedom fighter, and Mayor of London.