San Joaquin


San Joaquin County is a true celebrant of the New America coming to fruition in California. The county includes the small city of Stockton.

Stockton is fully in step with the redistribution of white wealth and diversity and is now paying residents $500 a month with no strings attached.

That money is yours even if you make $46,000 a year.

The ultra-rich Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook, is all for everyone having such a basic income.

This “basic income” is notionally called a “UBI” or universal basic income and was promoted more than 50 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And don’t worry that you will lose your welfare or SNAP food money or free medical care or even free housing. This $10,000 a year is handed you with no strings attached.

Certainly, getting even $10,000 a year just by moving to San Joaquin County and the city of Stockton, would be a great thing to do.