San Francisco

The city and county of San Francisco

San Francisco is so powerful that it is a county and a city combined!

San Francisco is the most diverse and the most accepting city in the nation. Here, sex change operations are free. The 2SLGBTQIA+ community celebrates its power and actually rules the city.

The homeless and undocumented citizens are safe here. The police have a loving “live and let live” approach to the population of the city.

Those who celebrate recreational medications are finally free. San Francisco supplies the hypodermic syringes to its citizenry for free! It might be difficult to believe but San Francisco is a sanctuary and that means free needles and even free medications for those so interested.

San Francisco gives the voters more than four million free hypodermic syringes each year at a cost of more than $500,000.

It is true that many of the used syringes are then placed under shrubbery and on sidewalks but they do become part of the “sustainable” culture of the city and are frequently then claimed and re-used by other celebrants.

The new mayor is fully supportive and understands her constituents in every way. Soon she will have safe spaces all across the city with nurses present so that you can use whatever medication you desire and you will be 100% safe.

The police not only accept but even support DACA and all of our undocumented citizens.

A recent unfortunate event demonstrated the generosity and love of the city toward the undocumented when an innocent man named Jose Inez Garcia Zarate accidentally touched a gun abandoned by a United States Federal officer and the gun went off.

Mr. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate entered the United States before 1990 and was despondent about leaving his old country and moving to a new land where he was hated for not being white. He self-medicated and was arrested by the Arizona police and criminally convicted of his self-medication. Instead of providing him with help or even gainful employment the government deported him. He returned, again and again, trying to find a new life. Each time he was arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison, and then deported.

While despondently walking a grand boulevard in San Francisco he discovered an object wrapped in a cloth and he squeezed it close to him. It was a gun and it sent lead to the ground where it shattered but some bits of it hit a woman.

A massive Right Wing Conspiracy nearly cost him his life. San Francisco came to his aid and he has been released from jail and is now bravely suing the American government for malicious prosecution.

Certainly, if this lovely city had been a Gun Free Zone then this would never have happened.

This is San Francisco. This is the beating heart of California’s Sanctuary Zone!

We are all safe in San Francisco!

A glance at the photo below says it all. In San Francisco, the undocumented, the diverse, the 2SLGBTQIA+, are all safe.

Heather Fong (left) was the first Lesbian Chief of Police in San Francisco and she held that post for about five years. She then became Assistant Secretary for State and Local Law Enforcement in the Department of Homeland Security under Our Caring President Obama. Certainly, her position on guns is well known and she refused to even touch one for over five years even to recertify herself as a police Chief. She was eventually forced to recertify under massive Right Wing political pressure.

Therese Sparks (center) was the President of San Francisco’s Police Commission. She was born “male” but successfully transitioned to “female.” Therese Sparks was also the head of Good Vibrations, a sex toy manufacturer. Whole Foods and Ben & Jerry’s were her business models. The California State Assembly in Sacramento even voted Therese Sparks “Woman of the Year” in 2003.

Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right) is the first “female” to “male” transgender police officer in the San Francisco police department.


Free Medical Care for All

San Francisco provides “Gender Reassignment” surgery to all. The city provides this service to all no matter their financial ability to pay. The surgery to transition from “male” to “female costs far more than $40,000. The surgery to transition from “female” to “male” costs far more than $80,000. All of this care is free to the indigent.

Whether you desire gender transition surgery or you suffer from an accidental debilitating event from recreational pharmaceuticals, there are 15 hospitals in the city ready to serve you.

  • California Pacific Med Center — California East — San Francisco
  • California Pacific Med Center — California West — San Francisco
  • California Pacific Med Center — Davies Campus — San Francisco
  • California Pacific Med Center-Pacific Campus — San Francisco
  • California Pacific Medical Center — St. Luke’s Campus — San Francisco
  • Chinese Hospital — San Francisco
  • Jewish Home — San Francisco
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital — San Francisco
  • San Francisco Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center — San Francisco
  • Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute — San Francisco
  • San Francisco General Hospital — San Francisco
  • St. Francis Memorial Hospital — San Francisco
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center, San Francisco
  • San Francisco UCSF Medical Center — San Francisco
  • UCSF Medical Center Mount Zion — San Francisco

The Diversity

The diversity of San Francisco County knows no bounds. It is a constant celebration 365 days a year.

The women of San Francisco are exceptional and take their fights to the streets!

There are several street fairs during the year and all are within walking distance of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s office, Senator Kamala Harris’ office and Senator Diane Feinstein’s office. All of these politicians celebrate and endorse the diversity that is right on these streets and visible from their office windows.

Again, those celebrants are their voting constituents! It should be finally obvious why this Sanctuary in California is so powerful, so real, and so safe.

The two videos below are of Google Images pages showing celebrants at a local street fair and happening almost under the office windows of California’s politicians Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. They know all about these celebrations and have to drive around the blocked streets to get to their offices.

The Folsom Street video is a screen capture from GOOGLE of their image collection on the topic of “Folsom Street.” Certainly, this is the new normal for America and no one should feel inhibited. GOOGLE celebrates this. If the technology giant didn’t want to encourage us all to participate and love San Francisco and their community then there would be restrictions on who could view those images.

The Folsom Street Fisting video is a screen capture from GOOGLE of their image collection on the topic of “Folsom Street.” Again, this is the new normal for America and no one should feel inhibited.

The Folsom Street activities are celebrated one a year and are attended by 400,000 visitors. Yes, 400,000 of San Francisco’s and Silicon Valley’s teachers, computer professionals and more are all in a grand party on the streets of San Francisco.

Yes, the activities are all performed on public streets in broad daylight with children mingling in the crowds.

How safe San Francisco really is can only be proven to you through on-site photos sessions among the participants.

Yes, so that you can finally feel safe about all that you do in San Francisco, there are those who also celebrate and document the San Francisco of Today.

California’s Sanctuary Zone is real!

California’s Sanctuary Zone will protect you, your activities, your immigration status, your gender, your gender preferences, and your deepest wants and desires.

One of the largest employers in San Francisco is Amazon, the e-commerce retail giant. Here’s an example of their earnestly marketed online product offerings to men, women, children, or whoever.

All are welcome!

For the betterment of the entire world, all must come to the nine counties which comprise the California Sanctuary Zone!