Contra Costa


Contra Costa County is a lush land of only one million people. It is a “bedroom Community” for San Francisco and has some of the richest people on earth living there.

Little towns like Walnut Creek are centers of like-minded caring people eager to open their hearts and homes to immigrants and those of differing lifestyles.

With more than 700 square miles of rolling hills and bay front property, Contra Costa County is ideal as a “bedroom community” for all.

The county also has nearly 2,000 people employed in medical care with a hospital employing nearly 1,000. While Contra Costa does not yet offer free sex change operations as does San Francisco, the new governor of California Gavin Newsom is working to make all medical care free to everyone. With our migration to these nine counties and our political power unleashed in Sacramento, it should take but a few weeks to make Contra Costa another mecca for gender care and recreational medicines.

It makes an ideal base of operations for moving on San Francisco and Oakland. Too distant from Sacramento to be of great political value, it still saddles the freeways linking those two cities.

For most, it makes for a vast campground and verdant location for marijuana fields and its harvesting.

Nearby Oakland, in Alameda County, has one of the largest marijuana sales facilities in California.