Vaccinations and Our Purity of Essence

March 2019

The people of this planet have lived for a million years without toxic chemicals, and even the corpses of rabbits, monkeys, and chickens jammed into our bloodstreams.

These toxic soups the government wants to jam into our bodies are called “vaccinations.”

Our Sanctuary is a place of sanctuary and as such, we have free choice. Those who insist on polluting their bodies with alien viruses, bacteria, and fungi certainly should have the right to do so, but they should be separated from us so that we can live natural, healthy lives.

The children, if they have been injected with any of these substances, should enjoy their school years in separate facilities far distant from our children who we demand remain wholesome and pure.

Vaccines are not only filled with embalming fluid, mercury, carbolic acid, and fingernail polish remover but polio, measles, Chicken Pox, and even worse.

If these vaccines were good for you then your body would not react to them with swelling, rashes, fever and even vomiting.

Injected with these fluids, some children have had their brains swell and this swelling has caused permanent retardation.

Sometimes children even die.

California Trump-followers are forcing innocent children to have such toxic substances injected into their tissues. A recent California Senate Bill (SB 276) will cause the death of thousands of innocent children across the state by removing the last hope that families have in protecting their children. It is a Holocaust.

We cannot fight these monsters.

What we can do is simply move our families to the California Sanctuary Zone where all are free and all are safe.

The Sanctuary is a place of sanctuary and no one will encourage, cajole, command, or coerce you in any way.

In the Sanctuary, you and your children are safe and free.