Impeach Trump

August 2019

It’s time we pulled the plug on that evil orange man. It is time we removed him and brought diversity to America and to the Sanctuary.

Thanks to the tens of millions of Undocumented Citizens now within our midst, we will soon have an overwhelming majority to control every part of this nation.

The first step is to place our own person in the White House. Once Trump is impeached then ridding ourselves of the Electoral College is the next step. That alone will bring control of this nation to the real power centers of this nation; the cities. Whoever remains outside the cities; that’s their problem.

Some presidential candidates are so inferior that they receive repudiation even from their own audience.

The tide is rising to rid this land of that evil orange man. Here we have Fran Lebowitz, a renowned observer of the human condition in America. A heavy smoker, Lebowitz is known for her advocacy of smokers’ rights:

That hero of the Sanctuary, whose own offices are but a stone’s through from the most diverse street on earth, Folsom Street, calls for impeachment.

Trump has already victimized one of the most perfect people in America: Michael Avenatti. That hero to America has been targeted for destruction by Trump and his federal thugs.

Avenatti is the perfect man to rule America and erase the evil that Trump has brought upon this nation.

During one of his other visits to America’s video soul, “The View,” he receives the adoration he deserves.

Yes, the first step after the impeachment of Trump should be the federal pardon for Mr. Avenatti so that he can be elected by the American People to the highest office in the land and bring prosperity and joy to us all.