California homeless

July 2019

The Homeless Can Be Saved

With a home in Palm Springs and celebrating the gay lifestyle as only Palm Springs and Cathedral City can provide, I don’t notice the disparity between the haves and the have nots. I just travelled from here to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco (my emotional birthplace).

The homeless need our help.


Our Real President, President Obama, dedicated nearly two billion dollars to the city of Baltimore to help raise them from the tragedy that they faced. The changes are impressive. Just the zip code 21202 received nearly $500 million. The same has happened in New Jersey where Mark Zuckerberg gave $100 million to the city of Newark. Mr. Cory Booker got things rolling and the changes he instituted made him a candidate for President today.

In Chicago, they were so concerned about the plight of their indigent that they leased their entire parking meter fleet to Abu Dhabi for 75 years so that they would have more than a billion dollars to immediately provide to the homeless.

These are the kinds of efforts that we must embrace. These are the things we all must do. To make it all happen we must give until it hurts.

As I drove through Los Angeles and its more than 500 square miles, I saw that the homeless were scattered across the entire expanse of the city. This has been done on purpose to dilute their power. This has strangled their voice in the community.

The solution for the homeless of California is simple. We must bring them all home.

We must bring them all to San Francisco and thus deep into the Sanctuary. By concentrating these downtrodden in one place they become a power unto themselves. They will control. They will rule. They will force The People’s Will.

San Francisco will suddenly be the financial mecca for sustainability. The tens of billions of dollars flowing from Google and Apple and Facebook to these desperate people of the Sanctuary will only be overshadowed by the hundred billion dollars Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren will send us on their first day in the White House.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Here we have Mark Zuckerberg agreeing and begging to send billions to the Sanctuary to help these innocents succeed.

To make this all happen, we must have the helpless in place. These masses of the helpless must be there for the next Census. The faster we can bring these innocents to the Sanctuary the better.

If we look at the first real rest stop north of the Los Angeles’ Grapevine, Buttonwillow, we see Interstate Five traffic volumes that are an inspiration.


Millions of cars each year travel north to San Francisco on California’s Interstate and passed Buttonwillow.

The Solution is Simple

All that needs to be done is each car traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco or to Oakland, should pick up one homeless person and carry them directly to the Sanctuary.

If everyone did that, all the homeless of Los Angeles would be safe and secure in the Sanctuary in just two days. Yes, safety and security is just two days away.

Incredible as it might seem, just a simple collective effort of sincere and caring people can make that kind of a difference in just two days. Of course, some people can volunteer to carry two or three of these suffering people.

Just a few hours of travelling companionship and a miracle can happen. These hapless people will enjoy free food, free medical care and free housing in San Francisco deep within the Sanctuary itself.

Churches and non-profits can encourage this effort by offering free gasoline for the trip north to anyone carrying a homeless person.

Local politicians will fight this tooth and claw. They want the millions of dollars they pretend to spend on the homeless. The reality is that most of that money goes to high salaried city workers. This must stop.

These funds must all go directly to these helpless people. Once a homeless person reaches the Sanctuary they should receive a $1,000 stipend to cover their new clothes, a comfortable room and entertainment.

It’s the right thing to do.