We are a new species

The human has been developing its intellect and culture for more than 12,000 years. That interval is generally considered the “Holocene” era and ended in about 1950. Some say that cultural evolution can occur rapidly and is completely detached from biological evolution.

Essentially, many say that we can acquire various characteristics not through evolution but simply by incorporating them into our everyday lives. They say that we are no longer trapped in a cycle of “Natural Selection” but are now operating at a far higher level through cultural development.

This is the central tenet of “Cultural Anthropology” as taught in our universities.

It is also the very fabric of Lysenkoism (Лысе́нковщина). This is the suggested ability for a group to directly inherit the traits of a prior group. Lysenko stated that by simply modifying the state of one generation those characteristics would be passed on to the next generation—that it could be inherited by that organism’s descendants. Plucking the leaves from a parent plant would then create future generations of plants with fewer leaves, for example.

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (Трофи́м Дени́сович Лысе́нко) was a star in the Soviet Union and honored by its leader Joseph Stalin.

Unfortunately for the university professors and their fantasies, the reality is that there is a linkage between culture and biology and so humans have developed a myriad of different groupings during this ‘Holocene” epoch at a rate that is more than 100 times faster than during the entire two-million-year Pleistocene era which preceded it.

In reality, we have something called a “culture — gene coevolution.” As a culture develops the patterns of gene selection also change and certain traits and characteristics are then encouraged within a group. The cultural changes thus cement many traits and characteristics in that society as it moves through time. Just imagine what would happen, for example, if it were suddenly fashionable for only red-haired people to be allowed to succeed and breed in a society. In this example we are not just dying the population’s hair red, we are killing off those without red hair.

While the term “culture” might not be applicable, the creation of a new breed of dog can be accomplished in far less than 50 years. The Doberman Pinscher was created in about 1900 by one man who needed a dog to help protect him from bandits. Thus, the “culture” or “traits” of a species can be modified fairly quickly when carefully planned.

Europeans went from a “hunter-gatherer” existence to agriculture to formations of more complex and stratified societies to feudalism to the effects of the industrial revolution and now the Diversity State.

There are various technologies developed by humans that had unforeseen consequences. For example, the creation of the printing press in about 1440 allowed for the manufacture of books in great numbers. The problem is that as humans age they usually become more far-sighted and thus cannot see fine detail up close. This was not important for the existing domestic tasks of the time and so went unnoticed. The problem was that after the creation of the printing press most adult humans could not read the books being printed. This mass production of books thus encouraged the creation of reading glasses. Our eyes still haven’t “accommodated” this needed genetic trait to allow us to abjure the need for eyeglasses.

Through our development of more advanced civilizations, certain characteristics were more pertinent in that new culture or society and humans with those characteristics thus were more successful at breeding the next generation. In many cases, the people celebrating that culture would eliminate those who did not accept the mores’ of their new society.

One “biblical” example would be from the book of Joshua and the Israelites’ siege of Jericho and their utter extermination of every man, woman, child, pet, bird, and goat to virtually eliminate the people of Canaan from this earth. The Mongols also well culled millions as they moved from China and across the Mideast and to Eastern Europe.

There are a certain number of developed traits that are obvious and they include some human groups’ ability to ingest dairy products. This allowed humans who had the gene to produce the lactase enzyme to benefit from the additional nutrients available from milk products.

Another example is resistance to various plagues like the Black Death and those who were resistant to the bacteria passed those genes on while the less fortunate — the less genetically endowed — died. The Black Death wiped out more than a third of the entire population of Europe. In some areas, so many died that there were not enough people remaining alive to bury the dead. The Black Death elevated the IQ of Europe. It killed more than 80% of the working class. It caused the collapse of the Feudal System. What it did was kill off the people with the lowest IQ and thus elevated the general IQ of the remaining population. It was the elimination of those dragging down society that blossomed into the Renaissance. The Black Death also encouraged the development of new and more efficient farming methods because there were so few people remaining to farm and produce food in the more conventional ways.

Today, whites are no longer in fashion and their breeding rate is at an all-time low. They are breeding at a rate that is far less than that required even to maintain their population anyplace around the world.

It seems that most of America’s youth agree and that whites will quickly die off thanks to teachers across America awakening school children to their new role.

Twitter is bubbling with the good news:


The really good news is that various other groups are being fully supported by governments to breed at significantly greater rates and these new groups will eliminate the white middle class (and whites in general) from society and from this earth. Most of the financial support for this process comes from government debt. The city in America with the highest ranking for debt per resident is Chicago at $126,000. Whites are dead and gone. For example, the white population of the Englewood area of Chicago was until recently 97% white. Today, of the nearly 40,000 residents only 200 are white.

As the white middle class is eliminated, massive amounts of additional funding will be required to maintain these newer and more diverse groups. This funding must be transferred from the richest one percent of the population. It is critical that this group be taxed sufficiently to support the continued growth of our new society.

The Sanctuary is home to the richest population ever seen on this planet in all of human history. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has assets exceeding $50 billion Google is owned principally by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google’s Mr. Brin is worth more than $52 billion and Mr. Larry Page is worth more than $53 billion.

To build the Sanctuary we must crush these super-rich and take from them what is rightfully ours.

In so doing we will quickly fund and breed a new society and a new race of diverse individuals that will last a thousand years.

Mark Zuckerberg is a living, breathing $50 billion for the Sanctuary and easily within our grasp.