Solar sanctuary

The billions of dollars that go to Google and Facebook and Twitter and Apple do not “trickle down.” Those tens and even hundreds of billions of dollars remain with the “One Percenters” who control our lives. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple certainly control what we say, what we know and actually what we dare to think. They have the power.

It’s time we took control. It’s time we created a weapon that was 100 times more powerful than anything they might have possibly imagined.

All of those entities need power — electrical power. What we will do is take over the entire power grid of this nation. Now, they will be under our control. We will control them.

Energy is a drug. It is an addictive drug that we in the Sanctuary can use to control all of America. And the plan is even more powerful than that. We will get into the rest of that plan … later.

The secret is not just solar panels or banning gasoline-powered cars. The secret is in how we generate that power; how we make it. And whatever that solution, it must last 100 years or more. Placing solar panels on rooftops seems like a good ideal until we face the reality that these panels last 25 years or less. And so then every 25 years, all of that expensive infrastructure must be replaced. The only people who love such a plan are the banks that profit from constantly financing the folly and the Chinese who make that type of solar cell.

A simple example would be to compare the present “solar solutions” to our city’s water mains. Our water mains have to last 100 years and preferably much longer. A shorter lifespan means fiscal collapse. You just can’t constantly dig up the streets replacing pipes. And you can’t just constantly rip the roofs off of America’s homes.

With our control of the Sanctuary and California’s capital city of Sacramento, we can build the political machine to control between one third and one half of all the electricity now being pumped into our entire national power grid.

The Sanctuary will control. The Sanctuary will rule the nation. Just as David Sassoon controlled (and destroyed) China with his opium and the Shackler brothers have destroyed Trump supporters with their OxyContin, we can control the nation’s other addictive drug called power.

In due time, our energy source could replace the entire non-renewable energy system of the United States.

The instantaneous power demand of the United States is approximately 600 million megawatts. The Sanctuary can initially provide between 200 million and 300 million megawatts. Slight improvements in certain technologies — ten percent here and five percent there — could raise this system’s performance to allow it to supply essentially all of America’s power needs.

Unlike other “green” power systems, this system will last far lon than 100 years. That’s longer than any other infrastructure of any kind in this country today. Most bridges and even the Hoover Dam won’t last that long; Bridges fail through stress cracking and dams become worthless by filling with silt.

The technology can eliminate this country’s dependence on foreign oil, reduce the true costs of electricity in the 11 western states by as much as 80%, create a real estate bonanza in America’s depressed Southwest, reduce Medicare costs by an admitted $30 billion, turn electric cars into the practical option for even a hundred million people and finally, clean up the worst environmental disaster anywhere in this nation today.

What it will do:

  1. Clean up 383 square miles of America so toxic they make Love Canal look like a nature preserve.
  2. Save millions of Americans from looming medical costs admitted to exceed 30 billion dollars.
  3. Cut America’s need for any foreign oil.
  4. Turn America’s Southwest into a vast clean energy industrial zone.
  5. Create more than five million new jobs in less than five years.
  6. Create a real estate boom not seen since the railroads were given free land under the Pacific Railroad Acts of the 1860s.
  7. Reduce the cost of electricity from area highs of 62 cents a KWH to even less than 10 cents a kWh.
  8. Create a massive clean energy car sales boom — turning those monstrosities from bizarre political statements into the lowest cost / most popular choice for all.
  9. Provide massive, clean waterways for migratory birds.

Lastly, all of America’s concerned citizens can invest in the project. Each citizen can invest in one or more of the many small solar subsystems that make up the larger project.

Sacramento already plans to invest $100 billion in solar. Their concepts are too provincial and short term. Why spend $100 billion on systems that last 25 years or less when all that does is guarantee the program a future like California’s high-speed rail? It’s worse than the high-speed rail fiasco because the “train to nowhere” at least went nowhere. The politicians will spend this new $100 billion and wind up with a nightmare of constant replacement projects on every home in the state and costing about $10 billion every year until the Tectonic Plates separate and California falls into the sea.


California will mindlessly piddle $100 billion on something worse than their “high-speed rail to nowhere.”

Jay Inslee, of Washington state, has big plans for solar and his manifesto is on the Internet for us all to review.


You can review his plans on his Clean Energy website.

The idea of turning a hell hole into heaven isn’t all that novel. A group in Russia is suggesting something similar for their own “Toxic Dump from Hell:” Chernobyl. The overall concept is the same, take a hell hole and make it green.

In the dark days just before World War Two, Albert Einstein sent a letter to Franklin Delano Roosevelt about an advanced technology that could save America. In that case, it was the Atom Bomb.

Converting those 383 square miles of dead fish, toxic chemicals and human feces into a green energy power generator for the nation is probably of more import to this country than bombs. Einstein’s letter described utter destruction. This project will save America and with that level of fossil fuels removed from the energy matrix, reduce global warming to 1940 levels.


Our backs are against the wall

383 square miles of California exude such toxicity that each square mile is a threat to every man, woman, and child downwind from it. Further, it’s agreed that its pollution will soon cost the U.S. taxpayer more than $30 billion just in future additional medical costs alone.

The data abounds and has been codified in a detailed study.

The area is called the Salton Sea and was a human mistake 100 years ago and today as it shrinks, the vile effluent drying in the desert sun turns to dust and drifts eastwards hundreds of miles as a fine poisonous cloud that is the equivalent of the detonation of a real-life Weapon of Mass Destruction.

A NASA photo of the Salton Sea.

The Salton Sea is filled daily by flows of chemical effluent from the tens of thousands of acres of agricultural runoff from nearby farm fields. There isn’t enough of this toxic effluent now flowing into this open sewer and so this “Sea” is shrinking.

As more of the water evaporates more shoreline is exposed and tens of thousands of tons (not a misprint or an exaggeration) of poisonous dust are carried away on the wind.

The area is so toxic that when the wind is right, the stench puts people into a gag reflex as far away as Los Angeles (see the New York Times article by Ian Lovett).


Here is a video from a local television station:

The plan is simple

Cleaning up that 383 square miles and using it as the base for the largest solar array on this planet will provide all of the Southwest’s electrical needs for more than a hundred years. With slight improvements in technology — 10% here and 5% there — the system can provide sufficient electrical power to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear electrical generation sources in the US.

Yes, the electric power from this project could power the entire United States. It is mostly the long electrical transmission lines and their line losses that make that part of the plan not cost-effective today. As superconducting power transmission technology becomes more cost-effective then this facility could well power all of America.

Also, people do want high-speed rail. In most countries, high-speed rail loses money. There isn’t one country on this planet where it makes money. Germany loses seven times more money per passenger on its passenger rail service than does Amtrak. China is no better, nor is Japan.

By co-locating the electrical distribution lines from this solar farm with the high-speed rail not only do you get all the power you need but the cost is halved because the easement is now double purpose. Further, those power lines are going to major cities and so is the high-speed rail. Suddenly, we have a magical breakthrough in efficiency.

Turn the cesspool into glass

It is a simple matter to slowly circle the Salton Sea with machines that focus nothing but solar energy onto a small footprint of the ground and then heat that area to over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and convert the targeted area into glass. All of the poisons in the ground are destroyed and the wafting vapors are filtered.

As the Salton Sea continues to evaporate and shrink, these machines just continue in a spiral around the Salton Sea’s edge and melt the ever-expanding “beach” into glass to a depth of six inches. That new surface would be harder than some types of reinforced concrete.

As the Salton Sea continues to shrink the machines create 383 square miles of clean solid land that never existed before and which is perfect for the installation of solar arrays.

Be warned. It is admitted by the Federal Government, by the state government, and by the environmentalists that if this existing surface is not processed somehow very soon, the blowing toxic dust will hospitalize hundreds of thousands of people even 500 miles away.

The machines are powered with solar panels and driven with electric motors and move at one-half mile per hour. The machines operate only five or six hours a day — when the sun is most effective. The machines operate some great distance from population centers and so the crews live on board. You need ten such machines.

The machines also create the drainage channels and roads across this great expanse. Each of the solar arrays requires a substantial base about four feet high. These machines also fabricate those bases.

Once they have done their service around the Salton Sea the machines can be repurposed. They can then produce standard industrial products replacing concrete pavers and concrete blocks and other construction materials from the vast resource of sand that is adjacent to the Salton Sea.

The manufacture of cement is one of the most energy-demanding industries in the US. It is also one of the most polluting since nearly anything that burns is used to produce the heat for the kilns. Sand can be melted — or just sintered - in molds. To save energy, the machines can be moved to the sand rather than the sand to the machines.

It does rain in the desert. In this area the rainfall averages about three inches a year. Rainfall is channeled to the lowest depressions of this great expanse and those depressions become the life-giving resource needed to preserve the natural flyways for migratory birds and to give the local birds a place to thrive.

The agricultural runoff now flowing into the Salton Sea can be processed into potable water and solar heat can be used to convert the toxic sludge into hard bricks.

Reverse osmosis is a reasonable first step in the cleansing of that fluid. The problem is that reverse osmosis systems are today expensive to operate because of their massive electrical power needs. Thanks to the massive solar electric power system operating on-site, those costs are now effectively zero. The closer the demand is to the power source the lower the cost and nominal line losses hint that providing power to those proximal reverse osmosis systems means that power is used there and not transported any distance.

Much of the water from these reverse osmosis systems can be used to provide potable water for those landing ponds for the birds that use the Salton Sea as part of their migratory flyway.

Large swaths of this clean footprint must be set aside for these migratory birds. At present, it is nearly Russian roulette whether the birds even survive just landing in the Salton Sea.

Senator Barbara Boxer was dead set on spending nearly $10 billion on a reverse osmosis plant to handle the toxic fluids draining into this place. The reverse osmosis system’s electrical power requirements are something she conveniently ignored. Thus, we can solve her problem and do what she wanted without taxpayers being on the hook. Feeling good is one thing, solving the problem is quite another.

Sen. Barbara Boxer on the ailing Salton Sea: ‘This is a crisis waiting to happen’

Sen. Barbara Boxer on Thursday visited the Salton Sea and tried to put pressure on state and federal agencies to use more of their resources on saving it.

“This is a crisis waiting to happen, and it is the time for firm leadership by every single stakeholder,” she told reporters after touring a restoration project at Red Hill Marina, according to a transcript.

The Salton Sea was created in 1905 when the Colorado River broke through a silt-laden canal and poured into a basin near Brawley known as the Salton Sink. It grew into a 360-square-mile lake straddling Riverside and Imperial counties, but it has been shrinking, causing record-high salinity levels and animal die-offs.

Boxer’s visit came a week after The Times reported on complaints from local officials that the state is years behind on efforts to protect wildlife and mitigate pesticide-laced dust that blows up from the drying basin.

Boxer praised recent state and federal moves to put more money into the project but said it isn’t enough.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget in June that included $80.5 million for Salton Sea restoration. The funding came from a $7.5-billion water bond passed two years ago by California voters.

And earlier this year, the Obama administration announced an additional $3 million in funding for Salton Sea restoration.

But Boxer criticized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for not funding a restoration program that she created in 2007 even though President Obama put money for it into last year’s budget.

Boxer has said resolving Salton Sea’s funding issues is one of her priorities before she leaves office in January.

Times staff writer Louis Sahagun contributed to this report.

The Solar Array

The desert is an inhospitable place. Vandalism and sand storms are but two common dangers. The only photovoltaic (PV) design that can survive such an environment is a multi-sun PV system with a tracking array using front surface hard-coated steel mirrors.

One normally sees these types of coatings used on steel tools such as drill bits and in industrial dies. These coatings extend the life of the steel surface by a factor of five to ten.

Most engineers look at solar panels as having a 25-year life. That is just not rational in this case. This special solar array will last far more than100 years. To put that in perspective, the system will outlive Hoover Dam.

The mirrors must survive hundreds of sand storms and even tens of thousands of bullet strikes and at worst, even nuclear blasts. As such a large contributor to America’s power grid, the system will be a high priority target to our enemies.

The entire system is composed of approximately 300,000 solar units per square mile. Each unit is notionally composed of a 15 by 5-foot multi-facet front surface mirror system. Each mirror system is mounted on a frame. Beneath that frame is a multi-sun solar cell cluster that is cooled with large heat pipes. Each unit aims its concentrated solar power onto the multi-sun solar cell cluster of the unit ahead of it.

The actual solar cells are thus protected. Only the front surface mirrors are easily accessible and are targets for nature’s worst, and vandalism and even nuclear attack.

Because these systems are built on bases rising from the desert that have been constructed of solid glass, rigidity and strength are no longer a concern. Earthquakes are common but the United States has yet to experience a tremor sufficient to disturb anything like this. Most such solar systems are designed to withstand sandstorms and desert wind gusts, these will withstand not 70 mile an hour winds but a 150 mile an hour wind — literally a nearby nuclear blast.

The tracking system

The tracking system is primitive and will easily last 100 years. If you do the math, you find that such a tracking system only “rotates” in 100 years as much as a standard electric fan rotates in ten minutes. The problem is not the mechanical wear of its parts; it is the survivability of the machine’s metal exterior.

Command and control

The entire array depends upon a vast distributed fiber optic communication network. There must be tens of thousands of paths to command the actions of this massive array.

Distributed storage

Each array is equipped with a dedicated battery so that each array is a complete system in and of itself. This allows each system to be fully independent. Further, power from the individual battery packs can be dynamically networked as needed. With a nominal power generation capability of 2 KWH per system, each unit — and the entire array — can be thought of as a 24 hour a day power resource.

Distributing The Power

The present U.S. power distribution system is composed of isolated networks of differing voltages and designs.

Distributing Power
The present U.S. distribution system is a maze of interlinking and even isolated systems

SuperGrid and high-speed rail

The system connects to the existing electrical grids of the American Southwest and especially those serving Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada.

It is when this system expands to serve the nation that the Sanctuary takes control.

Here is one concept of a proposed high voltage distribution system for the nation.


If we then overlay the proposed SuperGrid with one of many High-Speed Rail concepts we can see the tremendous opportunity:

High Speed Rail

Governor Brown of California embarked upon a Quixotic mission to outfit the state with high-speed rail. Without the needed injection of reality, it has finally been doomed to face a modicum of sanity and has become an utter, hopeless failure.

It’s doubtful that high-speed rail will replace air travel for coast to coast flights but for distances of 300 to 500 miles, it is ideal. With the costs of such a rail system’s electrical power almost zero, the United States would have the only economically self-sustaining rail system on the planet and that means it would not be subsidized by the government.


California’s power companies alone have committed $30 billion to replace nuclear power plants with renewable energy sources. Volkswagen has agreed under court order to contribute $5 billion to fund electric auto recharging stations. Billions more are to be spent to expand the present Southwestern power grid to support renewable sources.

The land to be used for this project is now beneath thirty feet of toxic chemicals and sewage that is to be “removed” at taxpayer expense. At present, no one has a clue how to even do that.

If nothing is done (and the government has had 100 years to fix this and has done nothing) then all agree that more than $30 billion will be spent on medical care for the victims of the toxic cloud wafting Eastward over America’s Southwest.

The bottom line

You can take the largest toxic dump on this planet and turn it into a clean energy factory serving the entire United States and in the process, save hundreds of thousands of people from grave medical conditions (and the government 30 billion dollars for their medical care).

The government is looking for a solution, and with them, someone else is always to blame.

If this system is created by the people in the Sanctuary, then the billions of dollars in yearly revenue flow to them. If the system is created by the people in the Sanctuary, then the control of this entire system flows to them.

The Sanctuary controls not just the electrical power for the nation but its entire high-speed rail network.

We will control America.