Dear Sheriff,

On March 21st, 2018, the National Sheriff’s Association sent a letter to members of Congress urging them to take action against America’s popular “Sanctuary” policy.

You were noted as one of the signatories to that letter. Whatever your stand might be, there is a powerful and simple compromise to this problem. Many would even call it “the solution.”

The political climate in this country is against you. But there is a way!

California has accepted over twenty million Hispanics into that state since Jerry Brown first became governor. In fact, the peaceful migration of Hispanics into California has actually doubled the population of that state. Yes, under Governor Brown’s first term in office there were 22 million Whites and two million Hispanics. Under Governor Brown’s third and last term in office, there are now 22 million Whites and 22 million Hispanics in the state.

The chances of your thoughts on immigration being accepted and implemented in Congress are zero.

That being said, you might actually find this compromise to your liking.

Instead of demanding the destruction of the thousands of sanctuary cities now across this land, simply send the downtrodden of your community to a single sanctuary in the heart of California.

The California Sanctuary Zone is a diverse land of more than 5,000 square miles encompassing San Francisco and Sacramento, Oakland, and Stockton. There, all are accepted with open arms.

In that Sanctuary, the homeless, the undocumented, and even those addicted to various medications can find refuge. With more than a dozen hospitals and free needle exchanges and more, San Francisco and Sacramento, Oakland, and Stockton, are ideal islands of refuge for all. The city of Stockton even offers taxpayer-funded monthly money stipends to all.

It is just a matter of giving them a little help.

Whether you encourage your churches or schools to use their buses to transport those you now see in danger or encourage private citizens to carry these unfortunates to this Sanctuary is immaterial.

Just as with the millions of migrants now leaving Africa and arriving on the shores of Europe, so too can you help these downtrodden to finally live happy lives in California. Simply review the contents of this compassionate and caring website:


The compromise is real.

The safety of the people in your care is paramount. A simple act of compassion will solve this problem for all.


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