Marijuana for all


Cannabis is the staff of life. It is the blossom that soothes the soul.

But today we have a problem. Right-wingers are refusing to allow cannabis stores in many California counties. This is an outrage that must be remedied now. California represents diversity itself and the soothing effects of cannabis must be given to all.

When Democrats bargained with Republicans for the legalization of this magical substance they made a deal with the Devil. The agreement allows small-minded local governments to decide the fate of their citizens and even ban the sale of this wonderful harvest from their lands.

California’s state government enjoys a 15% excise tax on commercial marijuana sales. This revenue stream brings in $400 million a year to California’s coffers. This money, passed through California’s general fund, provides desperately needed health care and legal services to the more than ten million Undocumented Citizens now residing in the state.

The good news is that under the Proposition 64 agreement, Sovereign Citizens and others can grow their own marijuana plants if they wish. They can even carry their harvest on their person and in their car.

There are far larger possibilities for bringing this magical plant to all. We all can help make this a reality. Since there is no age restriction this growing marijuana, it makes for an ideal agricultural project for California schools. No longer do the children have to watch leaves slowly grow from an avocado seed set in a jar by the window.

The California Missions were once a mandated topic for fourth-graders. The program has finally been abandoned because it was admitted to be glorifying the historic enslavement and murder of Native Americans. During the mission years, thousands of our native peoples died from slavery and disease at the hands of conquering Whites.

California fourth-graders built monuments glorifying slavery and death.

It is time for all of us to celebrate the magic that is marijuana. The husbanding of these plants can make a tremendous impact on our children. They can plant the seeds at the beginning of the school year, watch them grow, and then harvest their wonderful bounty in June.

Returning our children to the soil and to nature itself will instill that missing admiration and respect for the land and the importance of sustainability. Further, it instills in the children the knowledge of the wonderful bounty that is marijuana and encourages them to grow to adulthood and return to the land and open farms dedicated to this bountiful new and profitable agriculture.

The fourth grade is the ideal place in a child’s school career to celebrate the miracle of nature. We must take action. We must demand action by those who control the curricula of our schools. This specific curriculum is controlled by the University of California, Office of the President, Department of History, University of California, Davis.

On the negative side, many people enjoy the positive feelings derived from growing their own cannabis plants in pots, in the back yard or even in a close with the help of grow lamps. But growing your own plants has made the financial success of retail marijuana stores difficult. This has then lowered the bounty from tax revenues which might flow into California’s coffers. This, in turn, has a tragic effect on the funding for the care and feeding of the Undocumented Citizens living within our state. Yes, such independence has helped take the “Bounty” out of the “Bong.”

The “gig” economy flourishes in California and it’s not just Lyft or Uber who provide these money-making opportunities. Many people are too preoccupied with the vagaries of life to grow their own marijuana. Instead, they return to their old haunts and buy the produce from thousands of victimized and terrorized Free Range Distributors operating up and down the state. Certainly, some of these entrepreneurs combine marijuana deliveries with their Lyft and Uber services.

Today, both official marijuana stores and Free Range Distributors provide quick delivery of their wares.

What this has done in many cases is male these minorities the target of violent racist attacks. White supremacists have discovered that there is a free and easy way to profit from Proposition 64 and that is to rob the people driving their cars and delivering the product to phone and on-line customers. These whites prey on the poor and the hardworking and take not only the marijuana being delivered but the driver’s cash and sometimes even the car.

There is a curious conflict between Governor Newsom’s California and that vile Trump and his federal agents.

Gavin Newsom is demanding freedom. Trump is demanding arrest and even deportation. It is essential that minorities, who are only trying to feed their families and send money south to their relatives, be allowed to live their lives in safety. From Tijuana to Cancun and even to Tegucigalpa, their relatives depend upon the support they receive from those delivery drivers. The money is sent south to ensure their relatives’ economic survival and safety. We must allow these innocents to fully arm themselves and defend their livelihood and to thus protect their families and their children from these marauding whites.

Assemblyman Mark Levine of San Rafael (a town just outside of the Sanctuary) is pushing a bill to slap an excise tax on the sale of guns in California. This is a wonderful idea and those monies can go to funding the provisioning of guns and ammunition to marijuana delivery agents so that they can protect themselves from white nationalists who prey on the innocent and undocumented. The Assemblyman can be contacted at his office in Sacramento.

Assemblyman Mark Levine
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Room 5135
Sacramento, CA 94249-0010

File source:
Assemblyman Mark Levine

Now that marijuana’s cannabidiol (CBD oils) have become so popular they are being infused into everything from bath oils to vaginal sprays and even dog food. Thanks to CBD, the stress and toxic environment in which we live can be soothed with a simple rub or spray or tasty treat for our companion animal.

Pet people know. In fact, the sales of CBD in pet products have more than doubled in just 12 months.

Gwyneth Paltrow has even teamed with MedMen to bring Hollywood glamour to this blossoming adventure.

CBD oil is nature’s way to help the digestive system, to help memory and to calm the nervous system. It is nature’s way of healing.

Everyone who uses CBD regularly touts the restorative powers of this simple but effective product. There is more work in making olives a healthy food than there is in producing CBD oils. This means CBD can be easily included in our everyday lives in thousands of new and interesting ways.

Coca Cola is now girding itself for the battle and marijuana may soon flow from a pop-top right in your hands. One of their clever products, originally from Argentina, might make a tremendous game-changer by adding CBD on the inside and printing a marijuana leaf on the outside.

Coca Cola Cannabis

Starbucks cannot be far behind and so it is essential that we take action and encourage the president of Starbucks to invest in the Sanctuary and make it the center his CBD efforts. The addition of THC and CBD to his offerings will fully fund expanding his more than 2,000 California neighborhood locations to include needle exchange and shower facilities.

The Sanctuary is already home to the largest population of hipsters and THC and CBD imbibers on earth. They are a rich resource of protagonists and evangelists touting the benefits of these magical harvests. The Sanctuary should be the fertile source of these products as well as the distribution center for all of California. Stanford University alone has 55,000 acres of fertile land just waiting for a new and profitable crop.

We must first order the right-wing extremists who refuse to allow marijuana stores in their counties to cease and desist. Stores must be built in those counties for the betterment of our state and the ten million Undocumented Citizens who will benefit from the revenue that will bring them needed support.

California Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting agrees. He is the Chairman of the California Assembly Budget Committee and he is 100% on our side. California’s Proposition 64 allowed California’s Counties which were suspicious of THC to opt-out and not offer dispensaries within their domains. This must and will be remedied. Those tax dollars are needed for the ten million Undocumented Citizens in California who are fighting illness and Donald Trump. They are desperate for help. Tell Phil Ting what you think and demand that he take action now. This is his contact information.

Assemblyman Phil Ting
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14600
San Francisco, CA 94102

California Assemblyman Phil Ting

Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting has that mission and he will spread diversity across the state. He will put a stop to this racism and force these odd counties to embrace the benefits of THC. He will require that they open at least marijuana store in each of their counties. His recent California bill 1356 makes his love for freedom and diversity plain and simple for all to see:

Thanks to marijuana, a marvelous revenue stream can flow to the Sanctuary. A billion dollars a year can be returned to the Sanctuary as pure profit and that money can be used to proselytize our purity, our strength and our principles to the entire world.

Further, new monies sent by California’s downtrodden to their families to the south can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. At a national level, about $100 billion is already sent south across the border from the sale of all DEA Federal Schedule One products. And, again at a national level, remittances already being sent by Undocumented Citizens to their families south of the artificial U.S. border have also reached $100 billion a year.

California’s marijuana program will bring prosperity and joy.

Trump’s right-wingers are fighting us tooth and claw. It’s time we brought in United States Congressman Jerold Nadler and forced the federal government to provide these pure and gentle and natural products to our peoples across this entire land and at the same time allow them to protect themselves from white supremacist robbers. Yes, citizen or Undocumented Citizen, they all should be allowed to arm themselves and defend their lives and their livelihood from these marauders. It is time we mounted a real campaign and demanded that Congressman Nadler supported us. This is the Washington, DC, contact address for Congressman Nadler.

Congressman Jerold Nadler
2132 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Jerold Nadler The Hutt
Congressman Jerold Nadler

Once the state of California forces each county to provide the benefits of marijuana to their residents, we can return to Congressman Nadler and demand that such wonderful and helpful products like CBD be provided across this entire country as part of the National School Lunch Program. It’s time that we fought for our rights and the freedom and health of our children.

Finally, lasting health and long life can truly be ours once we include and offer these wonderful products in baby formula. Kraft, Abbott, and Nestle’ are the largest purveyors of baby formula and would be ideal and well-regarded suppliers of these new baby products, and they should be contacted immediately. Congressman Jerold Nadler can help make this happen. It’s for our children’s future.

Another champion for marijuana in the schools and the home is U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff of California’s 28th District. He has been a true fighter for freedom and his career follows a path similar to others with his level of dedication. One of his relatives, Jacob Schiff of New York, personally funded Socialism’s rise in Russia and the concomitant Russian Revolution. Those efforts eliminated the racist White Russians in their entirety. Congressman Schiff has vociferously protected marijuana and its use across the land.

Here is a segment of his letter of March 16, 2018, to Chairman John Culberson, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies to add the Marijuana Amendment fo the FY2019 budget.

“I’m excited to introduce a bipartisan amendment with Rep. McClintock, which would prohibit the Dept. of Justice from using federal resources to interfere with legal medical and recreational marijuana activities. As I have promised my fellow Coloradans, I will continue to advocate for this simple amendment to be added to the federal budget — shielding Colorado from the Trump administration’s attacks on states that have legalized marijuana,” said Polis. “It would be a temporary, but urgent and necessary fix, as I continue to push for passage of my Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, which would finally lift the federal prohibition on marijuana.”

In Colorado, the legal marijuana industry has created 23,000 jobs and generated $200 million in tax revenue. Polis has been communicating with various stakeholders about a temporary and permanent solution for the industry.

Polis, along with three other members of Congress, launched the bipartisan Cannabis Caucus in 2017. The Caucus is a forum for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to discuss, learn, and work together to establish a better and more rational approach to federal cannabis policy.

Polis has been a longtime advocate for updating federal marijuana policy. He has introduced the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act. This bill would remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug; transition marijuana oversight from the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Agency to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; and regulate marijuana like alcohol by inserting it into the section of the U.S. Code that governs “intoxicating liquors.” Last April, Polis drafted an article pleading with President Trump to leave marijuana alone.

He can be contacted at his local district address:

Congressman Adam Schiff
245 E. Olive Avenue, #200
Burbank, California 91502

Congressman Adam Schiff, a fighter for freedom