Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown came to power in California in 1974, following the white racist murderer criminal Governor Ronald Reagan, who then became President of the United States. Reagan’s greatest victory in the White House was his extermination of innocent men, women, and children when he bombed Libya into rubble and parachuted 10,000 troops onto the island of Grenada — turning that island into some kind of concentration camp.

Governor Brown has done more to hand California over to The Brown Continent and to AZTLAN than any other governor (or person) in all of United States history.

You would have to go back to America’s Civil War and President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy to find a politician so eager and effective in creating a New Land.

Governor Jerry Brown took a state with a population of 20 million — all whites — and filled the state with an additional 20 million Hispanics and created a Hispanic political power base not seen any place on earth including in Mexico itself. Governor Brown doubled the population of California and that doubling was due 100% to his injection of tens of millions of Hispanic Democratic voters.

Mexico is ruled by ultra-rich elites. California is more and more being run by the immigrant Campesinos who flooded into California starting with Governor Brown’s election in 1974 and his opening of the flood gates from the South.

Through cunning tax and crime policing policies, Governor Brown allowed Hispanics to conquer specific voting districts in California. You can see this in the demographic changes in the Los Angeles districts of Rancho Dominguez, Florence, Westmont, South Park, Gramercy Park, Slauson, Green Meadows, Vermont Knolls, Harvard Park, Chesterfield Square, and of course the popular Watts, Inglewood and Boyle Heights.

In Orange County, there’s Hawaiian Gardens and the city of Santa Ana. Both have had their populations entirely replace by Hispanics. Once a white racist hell hole of Republican hate, Orange County now votes 100% Democratic and this is due solely to the Hispanic vote in that county which has replaced the white population through re-conquest.


You can see that with the election of Governor Jerry Brown in 1974 the flood gates opened and California is now Mexico!

We need only celebrate the changes in California Culture brought by Governor Jerry Brown. Here we have California’s culture of 1974 and celebrating in a Hispanic voice.

Today we have California’s AZTLAN and their celebration of their power and their prayers for supremacy over the Gringo. They are winning if they haven’t in fact already won.

Governor Brown and The Sanctuary

Only Governor Jerry Brown could evict the feds from our communities. Only Governor Brown could sign into a law a sweeping “Eviction Order” that kicks the federal immigration authorities out of our towns and cities.

California has about ten million undocumented citizens within its borders. While the politicians and the media talk about two million, that’s only to calm the state’s aging white population.

California has increased its Hispanic population by more than 400,000 each and every year for the last 40 years (see chart above). Such an increase is not possible without millions of Hispanics flooding in from the South and then filling the neighborhoods and communities and towns and cities of this state. This is obvious in such cities as Los Angeles where five and even ten people live in a two-bedroom house.

Governor Brown said:

“These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill will bring a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day.”

Governor Jerry Brown is a hero to The Sanctuary. The new governor, Gavin Newsom, has some big shoes to fill.