Allies in Our Fight for Liberty!

In the late 1800s, Russia was enslaved by Christian oppressors. The whites and non-whites of that nation were being crushed.

In 1882, the people of that great nation rose up and exterminated their oppressor, Tsar Alexander II. The extermination was carried out by the Наро́дная во́ля, “The People’s Will,” a democratic and freedom-loving agency dedicated to bringing diversity to all of Russia. One of the Наро́дная во́ля founders was Mark Andreyevitch Natanson.

Mark Andreyevitch Natanson

Inspired by the death of Russia’s Alexander II, Emma Lazarus wrote the magical lines of The New Colossus in 1883. That inspiring sonnet includes the words “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

As this freedom spread across America, Jacob Schiff in New York City contributed nearly $20,000,000 to the cause of Democracy and to Lenin and his struggle to bring that magical human gift of Socialism to all of Russia. Mr. Schiff had been involved in American politics since President Grover Cleveland. Mr. Schiff stopped impending legislation that would have banned the immigration of Jews from Russia to New York. New York still is about 25% Jewish and most originate from those arrivals of the late 1800s.

Jacob Schiff

At about the same time, Arabia was ablaze. The Levant was a war zone of German, Turkish, French and British troops. It is here that “Lawrence of Arabia” became famous.

There were four intermingling threads of intrigue operating in the area. The Turks wanted to keep the lands for themselves, the French wanted them all, the British wanted little parts of them — especially the Suez Canal — and there was a significant effort to make part of what was called Palestine a Jewish state.

The First World War was a stalemate. The only salvation for the British and the French was bringing America into the war. President Wilson had won reelection with the slogan “He kept us out of the war.” American bankers, citizens and even the Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Louis Brandeis saw things differently. With considerable political (not military) pressure, America entered World War One.

Chaim Weizmann had been operating in British-controlled Egypt and traveled to London. There he met with Lord Rothschild (linked by marriage to David Sassoon and family) and Lord Balfour and a simple handwritten note was penned by Lord Balfour promising that Palestine could be a Sanctuary Zone.

Thus, payment for America entering the war was finalized and true diversity could be brought to that troubled land.

Thirty years on, Chaim Weizmann became the first President of Israel.

At the closing of World War One, Tsar Nicholas II and his entire scheming Christian family of Tsarina Alexandra and their children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei were erased from this planet. Democracy loving peoples feared that the family might be saved by British forces and be returned to power. The order to remove them from existence was signed by Yakov Sverdlov and Felix Dzerzhinsky, patriots of the New Soviet. The entire family was filled with bullet holes and dumped down a mineshaft. The home and its basement where the departure occurred was bulldozed by Boris Yeltsin. An Orthodox church has been built on the site.

Tsar Nicholas Family

Tsar Nicholas was certainly not a “toxic male” and his wife had enlisted the aid of Rasputin to give him a backbone. After considerable effort, Rasputin was eventually sent down the river (a frozen river) with his body filled with poison and multiple gunshot wounds and he vanishes from our story.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Григо́рий Ефи́мович Распу́тин)

Christianity continues to spread.

The three most Christian nations on earth today are Poland, Hungary, and Russia. They cling to Christianity like it would save their souls.

Here we have God Save The Tsar (Боже, Царя храни!) being sung 100 years after his death. Notice how the middle-aged whites stand “in respect” for their stupid country and their God.

There were others who also defended this false faith and they were the Cossacks. They too still cling to racism and hate.

In the process of eliminating the elite and the rich of Russia, and to create the Soviet Union, where Socialism could blossom, more than three million Christians were quickly wiped off the planet. Later, when Ukraine gave the Supreme Soviet some problems in the early 1930s, between ten million and twenty million Christians were erased to allow for a more placid land. These Christians were branded KULAKS which would translate into “Middle Class.” To save on bullets they were just starved to death. When Hitler’s forces invaded Ukraine not ten years later, peasants tossed rose petals before them. Go figure.

Armand Hammer was born in New York City. His father named him “Armand” after the graphic image used by the Socialist Labor Party of America. While there are several alternative versions of the story, Armand Hammer himself confirmed this version.


This symbol is a not so secret message to all.


The symbol is all over if you know where to look. Value Size takes on a whole new meaning with Al Gore.

Armand Hammer made his millions in Soviet Russia. Much of that fortune was concentrated in the successes of Occidental Petroleum. Senator Albert Gore Senior loved cattle and met Armand Hammer at a cattle auction in the 1940s. Hammer, seeing the benefits of having a U.S. Senator in his pocket, started gifting Senator Albert Gore with piles of cash through Hammer’s cattle business based in New Jersey. This money put Al Gore Jr. through private school.

The FBI had the goods on Armand Hammer as a Soviet agent. Senator Albert Gore put the kibosh on that effort and even got Hammer a seat at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.

Once Al Gore Jr. became a congressman, he started receiving a yearly check from Hammer of about $20,000. Inflation has taken its toll and $20,000 in 1960 is the equivalent of $171,758 today. Yes, Al Gore cashes that check each year even to this very day.

As an aside, and certainly not to be taken as anything but a coincidence, Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna Aitcheson Gore, had her first marriage to the great-great-grandson of Jacob Schiff (above).

Then too, Al Gore is a nearly founding member of America’s Earth Day celebrations. Earth Day is celebrated on Lenin’s birthday each year. Lastly, the rainbow flag of diversity was originally the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть) which was founded in Soviet Russia in 1934.

Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

The Struggle Continues

After World War Two, the United States Army meticulously decoded Soviet cable traffic between their New York consulate and Moscow. Here are the names of the Soviet patriots who proved that nation with highly classified and detailed information about the United States. The American government considered them spies and traitors. They certainly were nothing more than innocent patriots doing their best for the Soviet Union.

John Abt

Solomon Adler

Joel Barr

Alice Barrows

Theodore Bayer

Elizabeth Bentley

Joseph Milton Bernstein

Earl Browder

Paul Burns

Sylvia Callen

Virginius Frank Coe

Lona Cohen

Morris Cohen

Judith Coplon

Lauchlin Currie

Samuel Dickstein

Martha Dodd

William E. Dodd, Jr.

Laurence Duggan

Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov

Nathan Einhorn

Jack Bradley Fahy

Linn Markley Farish

Edward J. Fitzgerald

Charles Flato

Isaac Folkoff

Jane Foster

Zalmond David Franklin

Isabel Gallardo

Boleslaw K. Gerbert

Rebecca Getzoff

Harold Glasser

Bela Gold

Harry Gold

Sonia Steinman Gold

Jacob Golos

George Gorchoff

Gerald Graze

David Greenglass

Ruth Greenglass

Theodore Alvin Hall

Maurice Halperin

Clarence Hiskey

Alger Hiss

Donald Hiss

Harry Hopkins

Louis Horwitz

Bella Joseph

Emma Harriet Joseph

Gertrude Kahn

Joseph Katz

Helen Grace Scott Keenan

Mary Jane Keeney

Philip Keeney

Alexander Koral

Helen Koral

Samuel Krafsur

Charles Kramer

Christina Krotkova

Sergej Nikolaevich Kurnakov

Fiorello La Guardia

Stephen Laird

Oscar Lange

Richard Lauterbach

Michael S. Leshing

Helen Lowry

William Mackey

Harry Samuel Magdoff

William Malisoff

Hede Massing

Robert Owen Menaker

Floyd Cleveland Miller

James Walter Miller

Robert Miller

Robert G. Minor

Leonard Emil Mins

Nichola Napoli

Franz Neumann

David K. Niles

Eugénie Olkhine

George Oppen

Mary Oppen

Frank Oppenheimer

Julius Robert Oppenheimer

Nicholas V. Orloff

William Perl

Victor Perlo

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Posner

Lee Pressman

Mary Wolfe Price

Bernard Redmont

Peter Rhodes

Stephan Sandi Rich

Kenneth Richardson

Samuel Jacob Rodman

Allen Rosenberg

Julius Rosenberg

Ethel Rosenberg

Alfred Epaminodas Sarant

Marian Miloslavovich Schultz

Milton Schwartz

John Scott

Ricardo Setaro

Charles Bradford Sheppard

Abraham George Silverman

Nathan Gregory Silvermaster

Helen Silvermaster

Morton Sobell

Jack Soble

Robert Soble

I. F. Stone

Augustina Stridsberg

Anna Louise Strong

Helen Tenney

Mikhail Tkach

William Ludwig Ullmann

Irving Charles Velson

Margietta Voge

Henry A. Wallace

William Weisband

Donald Wheeler

Maria Wicher

Harry Dexter White

Ruth Beverly Wilson

Ignacy Witczak

Ilya Elliott Wolston

Flora Don Wovschin

Jones Orin York

Daniel Abraham Zaret

Mark Zborovski

At the same time, other patriots for the Soviet Union also provided top-secret information about the American atom bomb effort. Two of them were later executed for their patriotism. Here are the names of those patriots:

Morris Cohen

Harry Gold

David Greenglass

George Koval

Irving Lerner

Julius Rosenberg

Ethel Rosenberg

Saville Sax

Morton Sobell