Hail Victory!

We are Winning.

Freedom fighters and advocates for world peace are fighting as hard as possible to make the Sanctuary a place for all.

There are seven simple steps we must take to make certain that victory will be ours. We are implementing them each and every day in America.

Each step helps destroy the white racism and militarism of this country. All will bring victory to the Sanctuary. The purpose of each is to make the Sanctuary a sanctuary for all, and eventually the center of all discourse on earth. The Sanctuary will become a place where peoples of every country on earth come to see true diversity and where we can have a world court to adjudicate the world’s problems.

It was the center of our Sanctuary, San Francisco, which was the first location of the United Nations. We will simply make it so again.

1. We must cover with ridicule all of the valid traditions of the whites in this country.

We must tear down their memorials and their statues. We must destroy the reputations of the white “Founding Fathers” and certainly destroy “Christianity” in all its forms.

2. Implicate all white leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of America’s entire population.

Trump is a traitor. He colluded with the Russians and with a Christian Cabal run by his Vice President Pence.

3. Disrupt the work of their government by every means.

To stop Trump from enslaving the poor and the Undocumented Citizen, we are fighting him in every way possible in every court of the land. Thanks to President Obama’s judicial appointees Trumps imperious actions have been almost totally thwarted.

4. Encourage the poorest and most diverse individuals in the land to join our army to destroy the white slaveholders in this country.

ANTIFA, the Undocumented Citizens, and DACA are each on our side. They are fighting to return an Obama or a Hillary or a Bernie to rule our land.

5. Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens

The efforts of CNN / ABC / CBS / NBC / MSNBC in destroying Trump have been a powerful weapon against him and his Republican cohorts. Thanks to these media outlets, Trump is attacked and vilified in more than 93% of all his media coverage.

While the Russians helped him to some degree, we have our own help and it has come from the Hispanic networks in the USA. Our help from these propaganda sources of Mexico has filled their viewers with the hope that soon all of America will be AZTLAN.

Univision, Estrella, Telemundo, UniMAs, Azteca, 3ABN Latino, America Teve’, CNN en Espanol, Esperanza TV, Gatavision, HTN, Hispanic TV, Inmigrante TV, LATV, Mega TV, Cine Mexicano, Tele N, Sorpressa, Gran Cine, Ultra HD Plex, MiCasa Netowrk, Mira TV, Multimedios, NBC Universo, TBN Enlace USA, TeleXitos, Teveo, MTV Tres, Univision Notcias, V-me, APA America, Telefe.

6. Turn the young against the old

Our youth hold the key to our future. The whites are dying off. The more we can bring a modern Hipster Lifestyle to America and reduce old whites to living in trailer parks and peeking out of mud caked cardboard boxes the better.

7. Be generous with promises and rewards to those who assist in the struggle.

With promises of massive reparations for our black brothers and sisters and the fight for DACA freedom, we are powerful. California is already providing free college and free healthcare to Undocumented Citizens. As we look to California to deliver more and more we can show that state as the model for all of America.

ANTIFA is but one weapon we can use to stop the hate and the enslavement. Here we have them marching to save us all.

Antifa has produced a rich and rewarding handbook that we may use to build our strength and bring victory to the Sanctuary: