The Governor’s flag of Alabama is a more complex design than the state flag and celebrates cotton, and thus racism.

There is evil and then there is Alabama!

All of us here in the California Sanctuary Zone are outraged by the vile acts of the State of Alabama refusing their undocumented citizens from being counted in the U.S. Census and also from even voting.

Undocumented citizens are America’s future.

What is utterly marvelous is that even Alabama admits that congressional seats are apportioned by the population of that congressional district and without regard to the formal citizenship of that population.

Just as with such locales as Minneapolis Saint Paul, where hundreds of thousands of Somalis reside in their own insulated and separate communities where they vote powerful people to congress, the congressional districts in California’s Sanctuary Zone can in fact become massive agents for change because as the California Sanctuary Zone population increases the number of congressional districts increase and the congressional power of Our Sanctuary increases in Washington.

As one non-profit agency reported:

CIS reported: “A likely recipient of Alabama’s loss would be California, which already has 53 seats in the House of Representatives, and which has declared itself a sanctuary state and passed numerous measures to defeat federal attempts to enforce the immigration laws within its borders, thus ensuring that its population of illegal aliens and proportional share of seats in the House are sure to grow.”

CIS said California even now is trying to attract more illegal aliens by proposing to grant them medical care.

“While the billion-dollar yearly estimate for a new, expanded Medi-Cal program might prove laughably low as even more illegal aliens (SIC) relocate to the state to take advantage of the health coverage, the returns on the expenditure could be significant. California, becoming one of the few heavyweights in the House of Representatives, would likely be able to leverage its over-representation into bailouts and pork in future appropriations bills to offset the expense,” the CIS report said.

“It would thus be rewarded for its recalcitrant behavior and propensity toward thumbing its nose at the federal government where immigration matters are concerned. There is something exceedingly distasteful, nearly obscene, in such a scenario, but it’s not hard to predict,” the report said.

The organization warned: “Under the existing rule, as they lose what few federal legislators they have, citizens of smaller states are in fact being disenfranchised in favor of aliens — illegal aliens at that. To claim that there will be no detrimental impact on those states, or their citizens, is disingenuous.”

When the enemy confesses to the power of Our California Sanctuary Zone, we know we are on the side of righteousness and good!

Here is copy of Alabama’s court papers: