Abortion is life

The religionists are always babbling about little squirmy fetuses and how bad it is to remove those parasites from our bodies.

Well, universities call those little darlings cancer. Here’s a slide from the University of California telling us that:


Women have the right to rip those things from our bodies if and when we feel like it. It’s our body and whatever is inside us belongs to us to do with as we wish.

Also, this is certainly one way we can demonstrate our gender equality. Abortion is the way to prove that we are men if we are of the group of men who have periods.

Men have periods, too.

Having a child is like an anchor around our neck and it stops us from reaching our full potential.

There are too many white people on this planet and we need to make a stand and stop breeding like crickets. We really should let the peoples of Africa take our place in this country and let them finally live the lives they could have lived if it hadn’t been for our continued slavery.

Men have been able to enjoy sex with tens or hundreds or even thousands of women. Bill Clinton even bragged way back in 1994 that he had had sex with more than 2,000 women.

All Hillary got was Chelsea and it was by Web Hubble and not Bill; go figure. Bill was off doing Monica in the Oval Office.

It’s time that women started enjoying the fruits of their labor and even become total sluts if they want to. College girls agree with us:

The other problem is that some women have what can be called “free-range fetuses” that grow up to kill white folk and those racists then use those statistics against us.

The Sanctuary will have more than 100 abortion centers where women, and men, can go solve that pesky problem between their legs.

Stopping them before they can “attach.”

Schools in the Sanctuary will inculcate the children with our strident pledge to make this earth a place of true diversity and certainly freedom from all loyalty except to the Sanctuary itself. This means bringing life to all through the quick and final solution called abortion.

Ireland already handles this matter with aplomb and strength. They allow the woman to just dump the carcass down the toilet. This has all happened quite quickly in Ireland where just a few months ago abortion was quite illegal. Now, thanks to George Soros and his funding of diversity, the women of Ireland and just dump it.


The schools in the Sanctuary will be fully equipped to train children in birth control. Chicago already does this in all their schools and they start in the fifth grade.

Here are some images directly from a fifth-grade sex class handbook.


Here are two teacher’s slides used in grade school sex classes. Certainly, the real problem here is that they don’t make female condoms in child sizes. Inserting an adult-sized female condom could damage the child’s orifices.


Oh Salvation! We have won another victory.

Now, finally, the law is clear, you don’t have to be a doctor to perform an abortion.

Virginia federal district Judge Henry E. Hudson has ruled that requiring licensed physicians to perform abortions is unconstitutional.

Certainly, we have pharmacies in grocery stores, now grocery stores can offer abortions. This should bring prosperity to the Sanctuary. There is nothing stopping street vendors from offering such services from their carts or certainly in those food trucks parked at the curb.

The law is clear.

Placental Repast

While the abortion rids you of that parasite, it is possible to benefit from the entire experience in another way. The placenta is chock full of nutrients and many women consume the placenta as a nutritious snack.

Here’s a clip from that video … in case it is removed from YouTube.