Prosperity for all

The Collective is power

Across this state and across this land, the downtrodden are slyly imprisoned in isolated camps and neighborhoods.

The self-medicated, the undocumented, the homeless, the 2SLGBTQIA+, are all tossed like chaff into the wind.

Is this done on purpose?

Of course!

By keeping our numbers low in any given locale, our powers are greatly diminished.

Isolated pockets of people have no power. The politicians can ignore us. It is only when we gather into large populations that we have the power to control our future.

Republicans forced Our Heroic President Obama to toss our recent Muslim migrants into villages all across America so that they could not become a threat to Republican’s districts and the Republican’s deep urges to spend money for weapons and on war.

It is only when a group concentrates its population that it becomes a voting block and gains power and money.

California’s Sanctuary will be such a power block. California’s Sanctuary will be so powerful that it can even vote itself funds to give everyone a monthly living wage!

California’s Sanctuary will be so powerful that no one will be sick, hospitals will be free!

California’s Sanctuary will be so powerful that the Pigs will stay away. The funding to the police in the Sanctuary can be reduced to near zero. There will no longer be any racial “profiling” and racist HATE! The Pigs will simply follow their wallets and leave!

The Bell of Freedom will ring for all.

With more than five thousand square miles of verdant land and wonderful hospitals and over a trillion dollars a year flooding in from Internet revenue, Our California Sanctuary will be the richest group of people on earth!

There is nothing stopping us!

There is no wall, there is no racial barrier.

Nothing is stopping us.

All we need to do is just go to this Promised Land!