Love for All

America … we love everyone: Bring them here!

The simple school bus is the weapon of our victory.

Across this land, from Maine to Florida, from Montana to Texas, 500,000 school buses ply our roads.

More than $22 billion is spent each year using these buses to send children to school. While some buses can carry 72 passengers, the average bus carries 50 children.

During the summer months, most of these buses are idle.

Each summer, these buses can bring freedom to millions!

Don’t worry, it won’t cost a dime!

If only a third of these buses made just one single trip they could save eight million people from hatred and despair!

Yes, working just one day each summer, these buses could bring the huddled masses of America to California’s Sanctuary Zone!

The buses will be forced to travel through Trump’s Red States. It is important that the buses stay moving to protect their passengers from harm. The good news is that even traveling from Atlanta to San Francisco is but a two day drive.

The good news is that nearly every city and town have STARBUCK’S and there, these passengers can feel safe and find hot beverages, food, and a place to wash up. With a little encouragement, STARBUCKS will certainly provide all of these services for free!

Certainly, there are hate mongers and racists living in California. Each bus of the downtrodden arriving in the California Sanctuary Zone is added pressure to drive those hateful people out.

With these buses having delivered their passengers, we can use them to evict the racists!

Let the racists pack their belongings in these now empty buses and have them pay to be dumped in some distant state!

The entire cost of transporting the downtrodden is thus paid by these hate mongering racists!

One of the thousands of school bus lots across the nation. This one is south of Atlanta.

There are nearly one million homeless in the nation. There are approximately 21 million drug addicts in the nation of which possibly three million are incorrigibly hard core. There are as many as 40 million illegal aliens in the nation of which 20 million believe they are at risk of deportation.

Lastly, school teachers may well enlist their students to join this migration to “freedom.” The last such event was the “Children’s Crusade of 1212 AD. In the original even more than 80,000 children took part. Certainly the mental state of such similar “volunteers” today makes them well worth losing from our society.