We Believe

September 2018

Science is real.

Women’s rights are human rights; we must end the Republican war on women.

Black Lies Matter.

Silence equals violence.

No person is illegal.

Fences don’t work.

The entire country should be a gun-free zone.

Love is love.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Not all people with periods are women. Some men have periods.

Men and women are equal in every way.

We believe women; every man accused of sexual assault must be considered guilty until proved innocent.

Gender should not be assigned to newborns.

Respecting a person’s personal pronouns is an easy thing to do. Failing to do so … even just one time … is literally an act of violence.

All white people are inherently racist; no non-white person can be racist.

White privilege exists in every aspect imaginable.

The biggest threat to our country is right-wing extremists.

Reparations must be paid for slavery.

We must combat and overcome institutional racism in all its forms.

It’s not intolerant to be intolerant of those who are intolerant.

Some speech is worse than physical violence and deserves a violent physical response.

The death penalty must be abolished.

Abortion is life.

Cultural appropriation is murder.

Colleges are places of learning where students should be taught to condemn conservative viewpoints and to shun, shout down, and attack conservative speakers.

Islam is the religion of peace.

Donald Trump is literally Hitler.

The right to vote supersedes your right to own a gun.

Our democracy is under attack by fascist Republicans.

True socialism has never been tried.

The police are violent trigger-happy racists who shoot BIPOC for no reason. Defund the police. Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.

Only those in government should have access to guns.

Bruce Jenner is a woman.

Rachel Dolezal is black.

Elizabeth Warren is an Indian.

Non-white conservatives are race traitors.

The Earth has only eleven more years because of Climate Change; we must end all use of and reliance on fossil fuels immediately.

Climate action is tied to reproductive justice.

We need long-term solutions to racial and other inequalities.

The rich need to pay their fair share.