August 2020

The four boxes of liberty are the soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the bullet box. This website and dozens of others like it (,,, etc.) provide the soapbox. With elections coming up, we must now open the ballot box.


Masks will keep us safe in the Sanctuary, but what protects our right to vote? The mail-in ballot. Predictably, the fascist Trump opposes vote-by-mail and has promised to shut down the U.S. Postal Service to stop it.

The Sanctuary Zone anticipated this move, and already has a counter-move that is immune to any threat to our democracy: Ballot harvesting, a legal practice under AB1921, which was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

Trial runs of ballot harvesting have proven effective. In Orange County — once seen as a Republican stronghold (and, hence, outside of the Sanctuary Zone) — every House seat went to a Democrat after we delivered an unprecedented 250,000 vote-by-mail ballots.

Once voting opens and ballots are available, volunteer Ballot Navigators organized and funded by Antifa will circulate through our communities with ballots for everyone. Everyone must vote! To ensure the successes of the Sanctuary Zone, each ballot will be professionally pre-marked, to avoid confusion and pass any level of scrutiny.

Best of all, Ballot Navigators can target typically underserved communities, such as homeless encampments, illegal alien households, minors, and felons, to make certain that each of our voices is heard loud and clear. We are also working toward legislation that will enable you to specify your voting preferences in your will, so you can continue to work for change even after you are no longer with us.

Completed ballots can then be either hand-carried to polling locations or mailed to the Secretary of State, or both. In the Sanctuary Zone, your votes will be counted!