Vaping for productivity

February 2020

As we build our Sanctuary we will be faced with many threats. Some of these will be from the outside (e.g. Trump Trash). Other threats will be of our own making as we strive to be more productive and become a shining example for the entire world to see. Our defense is vigilance and productivity. We must work tirelessly to build this Sanctuary and that will require hard work. We are under threat.

There is a simple yet effective solution to this problem and it can be found in the Buddhist communities of Myanmar. The solution is called “Ya Ba.” This natural substance is crafted by human hands in the mountains of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, and then transported by Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh.

Much of the amazing productivity of the millions of people residing on that vast flat sea level plateau called Bangladesh is thanks to this magical substance.

Many take this elixir as a tablet. An alternative and certainly one with far more efficacy would be to simply inhale nature’s purity using what now has become popular in America, the “e-cigarette.”

Vaping is the Answer.


Many people in the Sanctuary already celebrate “vaping” as part of their everyday lifestyle. It is a natural and inexpensive alternative to alcohol and toxic cigarette smoke.

By simply importing the vaping liquids from Myanmar and certifying the ingredients to include “Ya Ba,” these celebrants of this new vaping technology will be far more productive and true contributors to the society we are building within the Sanctuary.

As with many needed nutrients including vitamin tablets, governments around the world try to stop their citizens from enjoying bountiful health and enslave them to doctors and hospitals.

In the United States, about 21% of our entire gross national product is spent on medical care. This is — as with vaccinations — a scheme to keep the people under the government’s thumb.

Vaping with “Ya Ba” will open the floodgates of creativity and productivity in the Sanctuary Zone and our peoples will become a role model for the world.

Here we see “Ya Ba” as a tablet.