Soy Is The Answer

April 2020

The Sanctuary is a home for all who embrace true Social Responsibility. The peoples of the Sanctuary know that the earth’s future is in their hands.

Rising sea levels and ever more limited freshwater supplies are increasing the stress levels of all who live here. The wildfires and the deaths of entire species of fish in our rivers are harbingers of a terrible future ahead.

Limiting our consumption of animal protein to those sources that are sustainable is vital to our lifestyle and survival. In addition, avoiding bovine milk will go a long way to mitigate some of the problems we face in the Sanctuary. By Banning the Bovine, we save Mother Earth.

The production of bovine or “cow’s” milk is a major contributor to methane gas levels in the atmosphere. It’s certainly one topic we all agree on and we all can take a stand and virtually eliminate this threat to this planet.

There are several alternatives to cow’s milk and the optimum for the Sanctuary is obvious: Soy milk.

As you can plainly see, Soy milk requires the least water for its production.

A quick check of the chart above shows us that transitioning to soy for our protein and milk would have the least impact on California’s water supplies.

Water is life and with California’s potable water supplies no longer a sustainable resource we must do all we can to limit our use of that precious substance.

We all need about eight glasses of water a day and most of that fluid intake can now be from various soy milk products.

In addition, the selection of tofu — a soybean product — as an alternative to animal protein is another healthy choice. Tofu is low in fat, low in calories and yet is high in amino acids, calcium, and iron.

In some ways, tofu production can be considered very much like the production of chocolate in that some forms of tofu are dried and then allowed to ferment (as are cocoa beans) to concentrate their nutrients and flavors.

The best forms of this magical food called soy are probably those that are fresh and made very much as cheese is made — concentrating the solids and pressing them into solid white blocks and thus ready to consume.

By transitioning our bodies from animal milk and animal protein to soy we will live long and healthy lives with the knowledge that we are making the minimum impact on Mother Earth.

The whole family, whatever the gender or species or age, can celebrate life in a whole new way by transitioning to soy.

Certainly, starting the Soy Lifestyle at birth is best.