Soon, the world!

March 2020

As the entire world crushes the slave-loving racist clique of Christianity and brings true diversity to each and every country on earth, we see a world of peace and love ahead.

Sharia is the answer. Sharia brings all to one God and to justice in every part of life from children and family to our day to day business dealings, Sharia is the path.

We need only look at Europe where the atheist childless politicians Merkel, Macron, May, and more work to bring Sharia to that continent.

Millions upon millions of the followers of Islam flood into Christendom and erase that vile despicable presence everywhere.

In France, the churches of the evil Christ are being polluted, punished, and burned to the ground. In just the last two years more than 2,000 Christian churches have been attacked in France alone. Followers of the True Faith have taken action against these vile crusaders and Christ is vanishing from the land.

With the victory over the Christian Notre Dame, a symbol of cultural appropriation for more than 858 years, a new structure will be built in its place. That new structure will be topped with a minaret and that minaret will be the flag of victory over 858 years of Christian enslavement around the world.

To think that the recent event at Notre Dame was the first would be a falsity. As far back as 2016, Warriors for the Faith have targeted that vile emblem of Crusaders and marked it for destruction.

In that year, three freedom fighters filled a Peugeot with six gas canisters and cans of fuel and readied themselves for martyrdom and prepared to ram that car through the front door of Notre Dame and erase that despicable place from this earth.

The women martyrs had removed the license plates from the car and were ready for their ride through the doors and into Eternity. Ines Madani, Sarah Hervouet, and Amel Sakaou were each dedicated to their task. They were attacked by Christians and were unable to complete their Martyrdom.

Later, during the Christian police apprehension of these martyrs, one Christian was stabbed by Sarah Hervouet and the martyr Ines Madana was shot.

Just days before, nearly 100 Christians were erased from the population of France and this planet when a martyr plowed his truck through a crowd of Christians in Nice.