COVID-19 measures

July 2020

Face masks can protect us in more ways than one.

The Trump Virus — COVID-19 — is no more than the latest effort by white racists to eliminate BIPOC, a reprise of genocidal policies that started when white invaders gave Indigenous Peoples on this continent blankets infected with smallpox in the 17th century.

BIPOC researchers, doctors, and medicine men have made tremendous strides since then in developing antidotes and potions to ward off the white man’s pestilences, despite institutional racism.

The introduction of COVID-19 into the population provides a turning point in the white war on BIPOC, as this airborne disease is especially lethal among “unwanted” portions of the population, such as the young, the homeless, and of course the non-white.

The only effective countermeasure has proven to be the face mask. Fortunately, The California Sanctuary Zone has a professional cadre of resistance fighters with years of experience with face masks: Antifa.

Until November 4, 2020, therefore, when we dispatch the Orange Man from the White House (sooner if possible!), Antifa will be assisting our regular MS-13 security forces, both in providing masks to all in the Sanctuary Zone (thanks to a generous supporter), and enforcing their use.

If you see anyone who is not wearing a mask, be certain to alert any Antifa security-force member.

Only this way can the Sanctuary Zone remain open and vibrant and free, and withstand this most recent attack.