Be a good ally

March 2021

There has been an uptick in “white” pagan content creators proudly stating that they work with deities from living religions belonging to oppressed groups in their pagan practice, and want you to know that. That’s called cultural appropriation. Don’t do it! it reeks of “white” privilege.

Be a good pagan ally

Whether it’s adding a certain deity to your pagan worship or adopting a particular practice from a closed system, this behavior strips the deity or practice of the history and culture from which they originate and contributes to the erasure of people of color from their own belief systems, the colonization of their practices, and removes the significance or importance given by the original group.

Actions such as these showcase serious imbalances of power and privilege in society. It’s perfectly fine to study and learn from other cultures, but being a good ally means you need to recognize that these studies should be merely windows into other cultures and not invitations to adopt and cherry-pick as you see fit.

Another concern is the use of historical revisionism. Revisionism is the re-interpretation of history in support of specific values; in most cases to support “white” supremacist ideology.

Educate yourself in the history, tribalism, and current dog-whistle terms! We have to make each religion a safe space for its members to explore their spirituality. Hate cannot stand.